Happiness is Homemade

Although true for me, 'Happiness is Homemade', it turns out, isn't necessarily true for 'Gift Shoppers'.  Homemade/Handmades Target Audience was the focus for an article I recently read for 'Handmade Business Owners'.  Basically the article said, "The fact that your Crocheted Scarf (for example) is handmade, it is not the top priority for shoppers...especially if the shopper is also a 'Crocheter' who immediately thinks, "I can make that myself".  Yep, I've said it many times, myself!

There is certainly more to consider on the marketing strategies for Handmade Crafters.  However, for me, 'Happiness is Home/Handmade' and if my *Target Audience likes it...then I am doubly happy.

*Target Audiences:
~other Crocheters/Handcrafters (you are welcome to copy...considered a compliment).
~Family and Friends...made with LOVE for YOU.
~For Myself...made for the Love of Handmade, the Love of Fiber and the Love of Creating!

Truly...Happiness is Homemade...Right Vanna?


  1. you summed up the meaning of homemade, handmade, etc. Very nice

  2. Frequently, I think "I can make that myself" but when someone gives me a hand made gift, I LOVE it. It means they thought of me, maybe even prayed for me, thought me worthy of their time and love. Hand made is all about the love for me; the blessing of love.

    1. Absolutely..."Blessing of Love"...says it all. Thanks, Sandra.

  3. One of my pet peeves is hearing shoppers/browsers at craft fairs saying, "Oh I can make that" within earshot of the crafter. OK, go ahead - think it to yourself, but don't say it out loud.

    I am sure people who don't do any kind of craft or art appreciate a handmade gift on some level, but I don't think they have the level of appreciation that a fellow crafter has. Only someone who knits, crochets, weaves, beads, paints, etc. knows what went into that gift.


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