Tin Turkeys and Please Pass the Salt'N Pepper!

Trottin Round Texas
A-Typical Turkey!

Yep! Here's Your
A-Typical Turkey
In Texas Tin!
Found In
Fort Stockton, Texas

That's where I Roosted last week!
Did ya'll miss me?

Well, I'm Baaaaack!
And with the last of my 'CollectinTexas Turkeys'
Turkey~Thankful Tunes!

Fort Stockton, Texas is known as the GateWay to the Big Bend.
We toured the Big Bend in October with
Marathon, The Place...Not The Race and
Collectin BlueBonnets, Cactus and Quilts...In The Big Bend.Fort Stockton was Home for this Girl Raised In Texas
moving to San Angelo.

Please, Pass the Salt and Pepper!"

"Mama, this Turkey and Cornbread Dressin is the best ever. Please pass the Salt'n Pepper.

"Mama, I don't know when I ever ate better SweetPotatoes, but could ya Pleeeease Pass the Salt'n Pepper". Thankee Bunches!

And ThankeeYa'll for visiting CollectInTexas Gal and Sharing Your Thanksgiving Traditions and Memories.
I've saved one of my Favorite Turkey Memories for last!

In March of 1992, I was given Two Turkey Chicks which I named
Thanksgiving and Christmas.
Put them in the pen with the chickens and ducks and fed them
all the Right Stuff...ing!
Several days before Thanksgiving, we caught TG and Chris....
I know, I should never have named them...
and prepared to...well, do the deed!
My Mom and Dad were there with the the Hatchet, Kettel of Boiling Water and the rest of the tools and knowledge of
'HowToDoIn Turkeys'.
I'll always be thankful for those two turkeys for the
Unforgettable Memory of My Folks 'Dressing Out Turkeys'!
Just like they did growing up on the farm and ranch so many years ago.

PS...Those two birds were the worst tasting and toughest turkeys....so everyone else said! I couldn't eat a bite!
PPS...I'm Thankful to ButterBall and HEB for Thanksgiving Turkeys!


  1. I love all the sweet salt and pepper shakers..and I had to laugh at your story. I could never have done the turkeys in..:), and I don't blame you. I couldn't have eaten the turkeys either.

  2. Welcome back. I missed you.

    I'll be certain to pass the salt & peppers. Gobble! Gobble!

    I've never eaten a turkey I knew. What the heck? I never knew a turkey. At least not one that wasn't human.

  3. What a cute post. I love the salt and pepper shakers. Your story was a good one. I couldn't have eaten them either. Have a wonderful week.

  4. I DID miss you, Sue! I'm glad to know you were away working and you are safe. Whew!
    Those turkey chicks are HUGE! I guess I have never known a baby turkey!
    Salt and peppers = FUN!
    Oh! The tin turkey is fantastic!
    (BIG HUG)

  5. Anonymous11/17/2009

    I missed you! I love the picture of you and Wayne with "Christmas & Thanksgiving". Never heard that story b4...I can see it all as you describe it, wish I could have been there back in 92.
    hugs :0)..."lissis"

  6. Anonymous11/18/2009

    Seeing your story about the turkeys, while at Carol's this past weekend Bryan recalled the time he was with you & Wayne in Grandfalls and it was time for "preparing" the chickens for the freezer--he still has vivid images of that day. We shared some good laughter.

  7. Love your turkey story, like the salt n' pepper turkeys, I think I know someone who has a set or three, but I would buy a tin turkey for nottin'

  8. Oh, I couldn't eat turkey's I knew either! I think they're cute! Yes, store bought turkey's are the tastiest! Have a nice day! Twyla

  9. That was too funny and what a great picture. As they say a picture is worth a thousand words, and yep I can relate to your story as I've been there and done that and can't say I've ever really enjoyed eating anything we've raised. In fact my freezer is full of little bunny bodies all dressed and ready to fry up that my son raised for meat, but ya know I just can't go there! Happy Thanksgiving, Mollye

  10. Being a TX girl I so enjoyed this post. Don't think I could have eaten any of that turkey meet either. I'll stick to the grocery for my turkey. LOL
    Enjoyed seeing your little collection turkey salt and peppers.

  11. Missed you on the Pink Saturday train!

    My grandfather used to have a catfish pond that he would stock, and he couldn't fish in it because he fed the fish every day and thought of them as his friends. LOL! So everyone who wanted catfish just went up there and caught them. He said it was light shooting ducks in a shooting gallery, but he also quietly said they were his friends. ;-)

    What a great collection you have!




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