Ah, Summer....In Texas...In July

"Ah, summer, what power you have to make us suffer and like it."
- Russel Baker

As part of our 'Summer Travels', HiHoney, the Grands and I spent some time 'Paying our Respects'
 and trimming the Purple Sage at the Tamarisk Cemetary in Grandfalls, Texas. 
I posted about it earlier this month HERE

We planted the Desert Willow and Purple Sage ten years ago in July. 
The MoHawk was One Month Old, The MiddleGrandGal was Two and The Bright and Shining Star was Six.

And although, it is called Purple Sage, this year it was a Beautiful Pink...

...and Perfect for a Pink Saturday Post.
As Always...Thanks to Beverly at How Sweet The Sound for
Making Saturday Pink.


  1. What a sweet thing to do on your travels, sweetpea. Some of the old cemeteries are becoming overgrown and ragged looking. That desert one looks beautiful though. That tree/shrub is just lovely. Since we live in the desert also I'm always looking for beautiful plants to survive the severe heat AND cold we get, chick...

  2. Wow they have really grown...the purple sage and those adorable grands! Lowe the beach photos!! So cute!! Texas in July is HOT!!

  3. What a great post! How nice of you to do that while traveling, amazing! Love the photographs of you beautiful grands in front of these awesome purple sage bushes! Ours bloom profusely right after it rains!


  4. what beautiful pink bushes. You are too sweet to do this on vacation. Happy Pink Saturday. Grace xoxo

  5. VERY pink and pretty, Sue!
    How are you staying cool? You are SUPER Granny this summer. I bet your grands love the adventures!

  6. Your desert sage and cemetery seem to thrive together. Nice the Grands got to visit the ancestors. I sure wish we could place plantings at our cememtery. I'd plant pansies for my Daddy. At least he has some shade.

  7. Anonymous7/23/2010

    I think all of our pinks in nature were a bit pinker this year than last. Or perhaps I was just looking through rose colored glasses.

    Fabulous Header today my dear!

  8. How kind and thoughtful of you to keep the cemetary looking pretty.
    Your grandkids are the cutest.


  9. Hi Sue, Love your new blog look, and the photos are beautiful of the kids. XXHugs, Mollye

  10. How beautiful! Great pictures.

    Happy PS,

  11. beautiful pink flowers! and it is a hot summer!!

  12. How sweet of you all to tend to the cemetery, Sue. Such a beautiful bush, does it change colors yearly? The pics of the kid-lings are darling.

    We take care of an old neglected Civil War Cemetery with my husband's Sons of Confederate Veterans camp ... the adjoining new cemetery was/is kept beautifully but they just ignore the SCV one.

    Have a lovely PINK weekend ~
    TTFN ~Hugs, Marydon

  13. Happy Pink Saturday Sue Sweetie....
    Oh my goodness I love your share today. It is beautiful. I love the sage bushes that you planted and how beautiful they look in full color. What a special thing to tend to the cemetary. It is such a blessing, and looks like such a peaceful place to go.

    Your grands are just precious. I love the Mohawk and aren't the girls just beautiful? Thank you for sharing sweet friend. I love to see where your travels take you. I can always bet it is somewhere special.

    Oh and I love your new header. The sandals are the right touch. Love it.

    Hope you are having a wonderful Saturday. It has been blistering HOT hasn't it? We will be glad when Fall gets here.

    Country hugs sweetie...Sherry

  14. You are so sweet and thoughtful. I always love visitng you. I feel like we are long time friends. Hugs Anne

    Happy Pink Saturday!

  15. The flowers are so beautiful!

  16. Flowers are so beautiful and boy have they grown. Bet the kids have too. They are prescious.

  17. Love the pink beach summer blog!and the sage is so beautiful when it blooms... and "Summer Place" is such beautiful music...It's a great movie for the 50's-60's clothes and memories...except that you're too young to remember those days...looks like you are having a lovely summer...hope you're getting a bit of rain.


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