Travelin' West With Dogs and Kids

It's an Adventure...Travelin with Dogs and Kids...In a Truck...Pullin' a Camper...In JULY!
What Were We Thinkin'?
We were Thinkin....The Grands would LOVE the Crane Sandhills....and THEY did!
Dolly and Ruby...Not So Much!

We were Thinkin'...The Grands would learn the meaning of 'Paying Their Respects'...At Tamarisk Cemetary...and They Did!
Our GrandKids did not know their Great Grandfather, My Daddy! 

Now they know that their Great Grandfather built the Fence and Entry to Tamarisk Cemetary.

We were Thinkin'...Let's Let Sleepin' Kids and Dogs Lie!

PS...Tamarisk Cemetary was named for the Tamarisk Trees that grow in the area around this part of West Texas.  Commonly called Salt Cedar, they line the paths around the Cemetary.


  1. Anonymous7/16/2010

    I enjoy a stroll through a cemetery, but only during the daylight hours!


  2. Glad you're having a good trip and the kids are learning stuff, lol. Starting to get hot here again.

  3. Oh, you know how I love to see Dolly and Ruby! Poor hot pups! It looks like you are enjoying those sweet grands. Wonderful!

  4. What a great post! hugs, Kerrie

  5. What great memories you just made for your grandchildren!! I spent every summer traveling with my grandparents and they are some of my favorite memories.


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