EAPC Oil Lamp...Reaches the Age of Antiquity!

Early American Prescut Glassware by Anchor Hocking Glass Corporation has reached the Age of Antiquity!
The 700 Line Star Pattern, aka 'Star of David', began production in 1960 and in 2010 has officially reached the 50 Year Old Antique status.
What does that mean for this EAPC Collector?  Owner of the Second Rarest EAPC Piece...The Oil Lamp!
It means...good thing I found and purchased the Oil Lamp when it was just a Hard to Find Old Oil Lamp ten years ago when it was valued at $295. 

With it's newly acquired Antique Status I wonder...
Has the demand for EAPC Glassware gone through the Antique Barn Roof?
Could I get Book Value or more for the second, third and even fourth duplicates of the NotSoRare pieces?


Probably not...yet!  Someone will have to point out the EAPC Antique Status and it will have to make Brad and Anjelina's must have's.

I doubt I could get book value for even the Rare Pieces I'd be willing to sell.

The cost of selling....well, ya'll know about that!

Nope, I think I'll just keep what I've got.
Gift what I don't want.
Photograph and Blog alot!

 Will I continue to Thrift Shop EAPC?

Of course!  I might come across another Lazy Susan Rack for a dollar.  I need one to put together another Lazy Susan Set!

Oh! And I'm still lookin' for the Number ONE Rarest Piece....A 5 inch Footed Bud Vase.  I kid you not!  I've never even seen a picture of one and apparently neither has anyone else.  It is LISTED in the 2004 Edition of Collectible Glassware from 40's, 50's, 60's at....are Ya'll ready...$595.00....and yes, I do have my decimal in the right place.

The EAPC Lazy Susan Rack....Thanks Linda @ AlaCarte for suggesting a picture!
On the SideBar is a Photo Strip of all the
Pieces it takes to put together a Lazy Susan!
Happy Lazy Susan Pieces Hunting!


  1. I think it is funny how prices for things can go up and down depending on who loves it now. Your collection is amazing. Would you show a photo of the lazy susan rack only so we can be on the lookout for it!!

  2. The true worth is, of course, to the lucky user. A collector is just that - someone with a whole lot of a much-desired item...but someone like you, who uses and enjoys the pieces - well, I'll be you have waaaaay more pleasure from the glass.

  3. They are just lovely.

  4. All your pieces are lovely and I'm sure priceless to you. Who cares what the book says when we love them. As my "level-headed" cousin says, "They are only worth that if someone is willing to pay!" His favorite quote when his wife and I return from our bargain hunting. We just ignore him and continue to think we've discovered a real gem.

  5. I think glass is pretty ... no matter the age. Bargain hunting is fun ... especially if I find something I really like!

  6. well when I think lazy Susan I remember the old red and gold swirled glass on a poor quality piece of wood that sat on our ugly coffee table that had red velvet inserts! oh my! I like yours much better.

  7. Beautiful pieces, I find the hunt for that special piece so much fun. Enjoy the week.

  8. Beautiful collection! I hope you find your pieces!

  9. Pretty pieces and yes pretty prices too.

  10. I have a number of pieces of this glassware too from back in the 70s - had no idea it was hitting antique status. But then, I can go into the antique store and see things in there I'm still using from shower gifts.

  11. what a lovely collection of glassware

  12. What a wonderful collection you have! Wishing you well! Cathy

  13. I had to look, but I believe I have the cruet with stopper with this line-star pattern!.. However I don't know that it's antique at all, as I understand the like has been produced and reproduced all throughout the nineties. Oh well.. Whatever it's status, I still love how pretty it is!.. Love your oil lamp too! I have a few around the house, because I just think they're beautiful! I LOVE them even MORE, every time we have a power outage!!! THEN they're very HANDY, and most appreciated by all!! ~tina

  14. Amazing photos and Mosaci
    Have a blessed day

  15. Very special and beautiful Sue. Glass has it's ups and downs in the antique world. Right now it is in a down trend. However, everything always goes full circle. Keep and enjoy this beautiful collection.
    I comment on your pink too.
    Warm hugs, Jeanne

  16. Wow. WHEN I come across that bud vase, I'm going to call you. You could go ahead and send the check now if you want!! I had no idea...
    Beautiful photos and mosaic.

  17. Thanks for sharing these lovely photos. I have a handful of identical pieces from my great aunt, but certainly not the lamp! It's amazing that the chimney/globe is intact! Wonderful find.

  18. These are beautiful! They go with everything too. I have a lot of these pieces, but your collection is really extensive. And, I would love to increase my collection, but unfortunately my storage is limited. Where do you keep all these pretties? Enjoying your blog! Thanks for sharing these beauties!~Ames

  19. William11/19/2011

    Hello, I would like to say it is great to see so many comment about yours and theirs collections of the EAPC 700 Line of Anchor Hocking "Star of David" pattern. I have collected and found alot about this line and many odd pieces and have contacted Gene Florence concerning a few pieces not mentioned or even listed. I too am lacking the few rare pieces last 3 to complete the collection that I know of as well as some odd ones and really great finds. I have a count of 59 pieces to the line and missing the 3 1/2in. 6oz. Footed Sherbet and the 5in. Footed Bud Vase to complete the collection as I know of to be complete, both seem to be a short ran or as said to be experimental pieces. The other rare and more the likely piece no one will find unless they have some connections with Anchor Hocking and if they even stil have it is the Cocktail Shaker, which was never mass produced for whatever reason, either due being an experimental piece as Gene states or not a marketable piece. It is said to have found it way to the Anchor Hocking where ever it is they put pieces not mass produced or trial runs. To add to the line there is 27 box sets that was put together and sold in department Store and hardware stores. It has taken me a while but I have all the box set accounted for of their contents except 2 and working on them. I currently have 17 of the 27 box set. As well as the Italy made pieces, and a 7 part 13 1/2 in. divided relish, which was made in Austraila according to Gene Florence. As wellas ohter rare piece stil not sure about. i would like to talk with and feed back with others that collect this line and share other information with and details. I do hope to hear from a EAPC collector.

  20. William11/19/2011

    In reference to my last posting I forgot to leave a email if anyone was wanting to contact me. Once again I would like to talk with other collectors very much I think I have found and seen ever piece possible with the exception of the Cocktail Shaker, Sherbet and Bud Vase. I am always looking for something new about the line or a new piece I didnt know exsisted. I can be contacted at williampundt@att.net

  21. William11/19/2011

    The small 3 3/4 x 5 1/4 oval shallow dish you have on the table is not part of the "Star of David" pattern, but a sister made by Anchor Hocking known as "Oatmeal". And that line of it consists of 9 pieces. Many of these pieses are confused and sold as the "Star of David" pieces often. That line of th EAPC recieved it's name from being distrubuted and sold in oatmeal boxes, of which I have two of mentioned boxes and the glass pieces shown on package.

  22. Anonymous10/08/2012

    I do love your blog. I have a lot of the same things you have except the oil lamp which I want so bad. I have the lazy suzan, and I have other pieces also but need a rack. I have the punch bowl, and the stand and all the cups, and ladel. I have the tumblers and juices glasses and candy dishes. I love my collection so very much. I have the butter dishes and saucers etc. I will be visting your site again . Glad I found you..Dee

  23. I just found TWO oil lamps for 40 bucks each at two different antique stores.


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