When Will Pink Saturday Go PinkyLinky???

When PinkPigs Fly!!!

Ya'll know how we are always saying " Yeah, that'll happen when Pigs Fly?"

Aren't Ya'll glad to know that PinkPigs really do FLY!  Whew!!!

I know Beverly is!  I'm pretty sure she decided to go PinkyLinky only after learning about this Texas PinkFlyer.
Yep, this Pink Saturday is a PinkyLinky Go now that we know PinkPigs Fly!

Even so, were Ya'll 'Shocked Pink' when you received this weeks Last Pink Saturday Email?

After seeing this Flying PinkPig, nothin' much shocks this Girl Raised In Texas. 

However, I was kinda surprised, and got to thinking about how I'll miss checking my email on Tuesdays for Beverly's  Pink Saturday Reminder. 

Do you remember when and how you got started with Beverly and Pink Saturday?

 I do, and I have The First Emails to prove it.

Hi Beverly,

I'm a new follower and would like to be on the next Pink Saturday. Such a fun idea and wonderful way to meet and greet others. I just started CollectInTexas Gal last month, so am finding and learning lots in the Vintage Blog World.  Please add CollectInTexas Gal to your list as a PinkSaturday Newbie.

How nice that you are interested in Pink Saturday. Pink Saturday is a wonderful way to meet other bloggers with a wide range of interests and talents. Please feel free to add the Pink Saturday button to your blog. It is located at the top of the right sidebar on my blog.

Each Tuesday evening I send a reminder e-mail to which you need to reply with your plan for participation that Saturday. The reply deadline is 8 a.m. EST Friday. This has proven to work the best due to the large number of Pink Saturday participants. All you will need to do is reply to my e-mail, and have your post on your blog if you are participating that week.  Beverly

Beverly...I see you already have me on the Participating List, but I'm replying just to be sure and because the email said to. (Such a Newbie...Doofus) 
Thanks so much...I'm looking forward to Pink Saturday...just can't decide which Pinks to do First.

Four Generations of Sewing...Pink Saturday #1

Hi Beverly...Just a quick note to Thank-You for the most Amazing Pink Experience. I had 53 Pinkie Comments and Visits to CollectInTexas Gal. I've responded to All of Them...I hope...and visited as many others as one could in one day and still going, going and going...Pink Bunny Thingy..lol! What a Wonderful~Fantastic~Amazing~Talented~Creative Group. I'm so happy to become a member of Pink Saturday. Thank-you for the time, effort and creative genius it takes to put on this event.

Sue~CollectInTexas Gal.


Dear Beverly...As Always...Thanks for Making Saturdays Pink!!
What I said in the email above bears bares needs repeating....

What a Wonderful~Fantastic~Amazing~Talented~Creative Group. I'm so happy to become a member of Pink Saturday. Thank-you for the time, effort and creative genius it takes to put on this event.
PS...My ShoutOut this Pink Saturday goes to.....DrumRoll and CymbalCrash...
What a Beautiful Blog....Ya'll will Flip over her Fantastic Fotos!


  1. Woo Hoo-I know pigs can fly! Lovin' your piggy on the roof:@)

  2. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

    The ways I love you are endless, sweet Sue. You made my day.

    Happy Pink Saturday. Here's to PinkyLinky Flying Pigs.

  3. I thought I kept stuff.....you have me beat by a long shot!! I love your e-mail "cyber-trail" of Pink Saturday! I agree with you about Beverly. She is the best for keeping us together and organized.....and what a great thing that she is now free of the hours that it took each week to keep it going. I know this way will be the best for her!

    Who couldn't love a Pink Pig Flying? No one...that is great!!

    Hope you had a great Pink Sat and a wonderful remainder of TGiving Weekend!! Dana

  4. What a cute post! You save everything, what a collectin gal you are! I enjoyed the pink pig flying. Love it! Anne

  5. I bet that pink pig just flew over from Beverly's to spread the news.


  6. Anonymous11/26/2010

    I can't believe you still have those emails. That's got to be the most amazing thing in email land that I've ever heard! When I was at the beach last month I went to this little tiny coffee shop called The Flying Pig. Bought some Bananas Foster coffee. Wow....does it make the house smell good when it's brewing. Happy Pink Saturday Sue. xoxo

  7. You are just the best when it comes to being creative. You and your flying pink pig are a blast.

  8. I love flying pigs and when one is pink...perfect!

  9. Oh Happy Pink Saturday Sue Sweetie...
    Love the pink flying pig. She is so sweet and I can see she is flying right on over your house and heading on out here to the desert. She knows it is safe, there will be no roastin out here, now that the heat has gone.

    Love that you kept your emails. You are so precious. Hope you have a beautiful weekend sweetie.

    Many hugs and SO much love, Sherry

  10. I love your pink piggy to pieces. Beverly is so sweet and I'm glad she decided to do the links. I will miss her weekly emails but I visit her anyway so we'll be keeping in touch. Have a great weekend.

  11. When pigs fly...lol...I'm sure missing Texas. I do have that Davy Crockett t-shirt from The Oasis...know what it says...not for printing here, even tho' it isn't really THAT bad...you can look up a famous saying by him. And I wear it proudly. and, I'm so glad pigs fly and Miss Beverly now has a linky. Happy Pink Saturday! (from California which isn't Texas, but SURE isn't VERMONT! thank goodness.)

  12. LOL, I remember my first email too. of course, mine wasn't that long ago! Love the pink pig, do you have any action shots? ;) Have a great weekend, Nan

  13. Cute flying pig and pink at that! Yes, I'll miss Beverly's weekly email. ;-)

    I'm off to visit Susan's link. Happy Pink Saturday, Sue!

  14. this little piggy went wee wee wee all the way home...adorable piggy

  15. Sue, Love your blog history...it's hard to believe Ms. Beverly has taken such time and invested so much effort in bringing us all together. Your holiday dishes reallly put me in the mood to put the fall leaves and pumpkins away and start setting out the Christmas cookie jars. This cold crisp air is really helping put us in the mood...haven't had a fire yet and haven't made hot cocoa yet, but with a big bowl of leftover Thanksgiving whipped cream in the frig(aka ice box), I might make a couple of cups just so the cream doesn't go to waste. Have a Pink Week.

  16. What a cute post!
    Happy pink saturday!!

  17. I LOVE that pink flyin' pig! Your post was great fun...Happy Pink Saturday!

  18. Love this "When Pigs fly!" I had waaay to much to do to get my pinks photographed. I did my Christmas cards instead.

    Enjoy the season!

  19. Hi Sue, love, love, love the pinky linky flying pig!! and thanks for sharing your first Pink Saturday post..I think you and I might have started around the same time. Beverly has done such a great job bringing us pinkies all together!
    Stop by if you get a chance, hugs

  20. When pigs fly? No, when pigs are pink!

  21. Happy Pink Saturday ! I hope your Thanksgiving was full
    of family, friends, and fabulous friends. I have enjoyed my
    visit to your beautiful blog. Have a wonderful new week.

  22. Great post, Sue. Happy PS

  23. Hi Sue, My son and family left late today and after cooking a big meal...again, they left for home in Raleigh, NC. We had a wonderful visit and Thanksgiving. The reason this is so late is I slept all evening on the couch. Sigh.

    I loved your post today. It was fun reading the emails. Since Beverly is my long time friend, I never had communication about Pink Sat. It was a given that I would always post pink on Sat. Love the pig analogy and the photo of that cute pinkie pig.

    Thank you for your top notch compliment today. You gave me a good chuckle. I'm glad you are a pinkie too. I think the link thingy went well today. Beverly was happy.
    Hugs, Jeanne

  24. Cute post, Sue! I only wish I'd been able to participate I'm the long-awaited Pinky Pinky. Thanks so much for the shout out! I look forward to meeting your readers and welcoming them to my blog.

  25. I love the flying pig and I love your memories of finding pink Saturday...so fun!

  26. Your pink flying pig is so cute! I was excited to see the new Mr Linky Pink Saturday work so well for Beverly --it will save her so much time! Happy pink weekend! :)


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