Laid to Rest and Rust...Ready to Restore and Repurpose

I bought a new Singer today...well, new to me, and the thing is she was secondary to what I was looking for.  She came with the cabinet.  Bless her heart she has been rode hard and put down.  Put down in the sling bottom cabinet where she has collected dust and laid to rest and rust with the promise of electrocution should anyone dare shove her plug into a socket.
I'd say her wiring, foot pedal, plug and light are original as are all her parts....at least the ones that are still there.  Bless her heart...again...the fly wheel is frozen and the motor is likely blown.   Not by me, mind you, I would not be responsible for her death by electrocution. One thing she has going for her is her beautiful gold scroll decals and her still readable last name, birthdate and commemorative plaque.

Not bad for a 70 year old gal.  I am going to name her April Singer since that was the month she was made and delivered along with 15,000 sisters in 1947.  Without actually giving away my age, I will tell you she is four months younger. 

Thankfully, I have not been rode hard and put down to rest and rust...although I am getting a bit creaky and require regular lubricating.  So far my wiring is holding up fine...again...although...I require higher wattage lighting, tension adjustments...love my chiropractor...and for sure stitch magnifying tools that fit on my nose.  Other than that, April and I have one other thing in common...we both still have our original cabinets.  Hers, fortunately for me, is in better shape than she, and is exactly my size.  Well, the perfect size to fit in my new Studio....18x24.  Pictures later...already cleaned, given a good Old English rub down and set up at the shop. 
In the meantime what do you thing of....
....April as a Lamp?


  1. She is quite the lady! I think any use tjat let's her show off is a good use.

  2. sounds like she found the perfect home and will be well taken care of. Enjoy

  3. April will make a lovely lamp

  4. We've acquired the same machine within a few months of each other. My beaut isn't frozen but I can't get the stitches to stop looping. I go back and forth on whether she will go for a trip to the sewing machine repair shop.

  5. Some repeated oiling, and trying that hand wheel, and April will be up and running in no time. Pretty lady! Perfect candidate for a hand crank. I use a bendable light from Ikea, so that I can see the needle, when I sew. Gotta have light!!


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