Rag Rug Making and Blooming Mums

In one of my last posts...Rag Rug Demo...I am sitting on the porch of Studio #14 with a Q crochet hook and a basket overflowing with fabric strips.  Did I do Rag Rug Demos that day?  Was a Rag Rug the result of showing folks the art of Rag Rug making?  Have I been patiently waiting for my Mums to bloom? 
Yes, I demonstrated Rag Rug Making all day...not only as a result of sitting on the porch with a basket full of rag rug making stuff, but as a result of posting signs that read 'Rag Rug Demo-Studio 14' around The Chicken Farm Art Center.  A good example of  'If you build it...they will come'.
Yes, there was one Rag Rug about half made that day.  There were lots of people who shared stories of their grandmothers making rag rugs and how amazed they were that anyone knew how to make them in today's world of high tech manufacturing, Walmart and Amazon.  I think several went right home to strip their stash.
Having not made any Rag Rugs since last fall and winter...doing the demo was just as inspiring to me as it was to the folks who couldn't wait to get to Walmart...to buy a 'Q' crochet hook.  As for me, my basket full of strips and my 'Q'...
...we have been busy Rag Rug Making and waiting for the Mums to Bloom.


Joanne said...

cooler weather ahead. The mums will pop. Have a good weekend

Sue McPeak said...

I think everyone everywhere is ready for cooler weather. Bring it on for Mum Popping!

Curtains in My Tree said...

LOve the rag rugs and I use to own several even a 5 x7 oval once

Sue McPeak said...

So glad you enjoyed the Rag Rug post. I'm on a roll these days with my Q hook restocking my shop. I have had a number of oval braided rugs...commercially made, but for me there is something special about a handmade one. They are scattered around my home. I stopped by your blog. Seems we have lots of things in common. Thanks for stopping by CollectInTexas Gal


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