Rag Rug Demo

October's First Saturday at The Chicken Farm Art Center and my first day in my new location...seemed like a good day for a Rag Rug Demo!  And so it was. 
It was all about having the space on the 'Porch' with Rag Rugs and Quilts draped over the railing.  Folks were drawn in by the display and the nostalgic memories of bygone days of their Grandmother's rag rug making and quilt frames hanging from the ceiling.  I love bringing those memories back to folks. 
A few of the Rag Rugs and Baskets I have made. 
I hope someday they will be a special memory for those who purchase them...not only as a reminder of their Grandmothers, but as a special piece for their home.


  1. Well done Sue - it looks a brilliant place to display all your beautiful works ... I was talking to someone this week about rag rugs - can't remember who!!! But love the look of your new place ... I'm sure the rugs will bring back many memories to your visitors ... cheers Hilary

  2. I'm still working on some rugs, which I will be giving them for Christmas gifts.
    Coffee is on

  3. How exciting, Sue! Everything is so homey and creative in your shop!

  4. Lucky buyers! The colours are gorgeous.

  5. I bet folks are very happy with their purchases. Looked like a lovely fall day

  6. I KNEW you'd love the apron, the shop is so neat. I'm sure every nook and cranny if full of goodness.


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