Heads Up Halloween

Scary, huh?  These four heads have been hanging...no wait...sitting in my home studio for several days.  First they are waiting for stakes...no wait...dowel rods to mount them on a skeleton...no wait...a stand.  It will require gauging...no wait...inserting the dowel up into their brain...no wait...the hole in the bottom of their neck (already there...no pain). 

Secondly, their bald heads have endured extreme temperatures with Texas Mother Nature's yo-yoing  between blazing heat and freezing rain...well, it feels freezing to me and I'm not bald.  Really, they have been quietly waiting for me to get the covers made for their bald heads.
Seriously, it's all I got!
Happy Halloween 2017
 I'm keeping the Slouch Beret...it's so groovy!


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