The MisStitched Heart....A Valentine for Pink Saturday!

February 1st, 1956......Whitesboro Elementary School......Whitesboro, Texas
Good Morning Third Graders!  Gooood Morning Mrs.Alexander!
Who knows what special event  we celebrate in February?
Ohhhhhh!!! MeMe!!! OK, Sue!
"My Mama's Birthday"!!!!
How nice that your Mama has a Birthday so close to another special day!  Anyone know what day that might be?
Ohhhhhhh!!! MeMe!!! OK, Sue!
It's the day we get to take an old shoe box and decorate it with that wrinkled paper, red glitter, pink kleenex flowers, hearts and what ever else I can find in Mama's sewing box....and we get to go to Wackers and buy Valentines for our friends....and we get to have a School Party with cupcakes and pink punch.....and Mama said she'd make heart shaped cookies for the party!
 It's February 14th....Valentines Day!!!
And you know what Mrs. Alexander?   What Sue?
The Number 14 is my Lucky Number!

Thanks to Mama and Mrs. Alexander, I still
LOVE to make Valentine Boxes.
 A few things have changed over the years.
One is the shoe box has changed to an Embroidery Hoop and glitter to Embroidery Thread.
The one thing that has always stayed the same is the 'Sewing Box'.  But now rather than Mama's it's Sue's Sewing Boxes!
So, from the box of MisStitched Embroidery Designs comes the embroidered Heart.  From the Button Boxes...Buttons!  From the Lace and Trim Boxes....that stuff.  And from the Box of Tools....The GlueGun!
 Yep!  It's a NoSew Valentine!

~The MisStitched Heart~
This is the result of flipping the hoop and not getting the  second half of the pattern aligned with the first half.  It is a built-in embroidery design in the Janome 10000 using the GigaHoop. 
So, it went in the 'MisStitched' Box with all the others for use in a ..... Someday I'll Use It Project!
Someday is Today...Pink Saturday and Valentines Day.
I've pointed out the problem areas......
.....and how, with the aid of  'Sue's Many Sewing Boxes' and the Magic of a Glue Gun, 
a Valentine Box Hoop to Hang is Created.
And now it is time to see the Pink Creations from the
Pink Saturday List over at
My ShoutOut for this Pink Saturday is Wendy at HomeMaker In High Heels.
 She's got a Sweetheart of a Story today, and as Wendy said,
"Eat Your Heart Out, Cinderella". 

PS...Here's Wishing Ya'll a Happy Valentine Pink Saturday!
....And, As Always...Thanks for Coming and Commenting!


  1. I can always count on you to have the greatest pinks! Plus I love your get well to Beverly display~! You are such a good kid! Happy Pink Saturday and Valentines Day to you!

  2. Happy Pink Saturday Sweetie...
    I have to tell you Sue this is the cutest darn valentine that I have seen. I love it. The mismatched are the best, because they are what was left over from other projects, and they finally get selected to be a new project together. I love it sweetie.

    I love how you used the little yo-yos with the buttons and trim. I think you should just leave this out year round. It is so darn cute.

    I love the little get well card you did for Ms Beverly. So precious sweetie. You are back and riding high in the saddle. Oh how I have missed you.

    Country hugs sweetie and so much love always. Happy Valentine's Day, Love, Sherry

  3. Adorable box. You are very creative! Happy Valentine Day

  4. Hi Sue of the Love Hoops! How are you today? I hope your Valentine's Day is super dooper and that many people tell you how lovely you are - YOU ARE lovely! Great PINK today - as always! XOXOXOX

  5. HI SUE, Come back I have posted your gift to me. I am so sorry it just dawned on me that I left it off. We are snowed in again and all I could think of yesterday is to get my post done before we lose our connection. When I saw your comment I squealed in horror. I had the photos ready to post already and a big OOPS happened. I am so sorry, please forgive my oversight. I tell ya I was consumed with finding something to make Beverly laugh and it took me forever. Train of thought was lost!!!

    Your message to Beverly is so sweet. I love your valentines. Each one is wonderful and I know they took a long time to make. The YO YO's are perfect for this lovely post.

    Hugs, and happy valentines day to you and yours.
    XOXO, Jeanen

  6. Hi Sue! LOVE your post today, about your mis-stitched heart! I always was a sucker for happy endings!!! It came out beautiful! Happy Pink Saturday, and wishing you a very Happy Valentine's Day too! Love-n-Hugs! ~tina

  7. Anonymous2/13/2010

    hoooooowdy! Okay, that's from Minnie Pearl and I think she was from TN, so, hawdy, from another Texas girl. Thanks for your comment on my blog. I NEVER would've known ... that miststitched heart is so awesome. And, I loved your school days tale. Was that a real-life tale of yours? :) Jenn. I'll be back another day - I'm in a hurry today and wanted to see at least a few Pinks today before I have to go. Oh I just caught your Texas button! How neat!

  8. There are no mistakes in crafting. Only Happy surprises known as Serendipity and your little beauty of a heart proves that theory. I know you make your Momma so happy! I'm off to visit Wendy. Hugs Mollye

  9. I love your heart... it looks perfect to me!

    Wishing you a Happy Pink Saturday and Valentine's Day, too!


    Sheila :-)

  10. What a wonderful idea. As they say "There are no mistakes just opportunities". You certainly did a good job with your opportunity.

    Happy Pink Saturday.

  11. Mismatched or not, that's one pretty heart!
    I love it. I also want to mention your blog header, it's great and that Texas button is a doozy, love it!


  12. Anonymous2/13/2010

    Hi Sue! That's a pretty heart no matter what! Thanks for popping in to see me and I wish you a Happy Pink Saturday and a Happy Valentine's Day.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  13. Thanks for your "Shout Out", dear! I'm so happy you enjoyed my post.I guess I just decided to focus on the positive...like you've done with this adorable Valentine's project! You really are very creative and talented...Happy Pinkday!

  14. Sue, thank you for stopping by. I still haven't been able to cacht up with all the friends that have welcome me to blogland. One observation, Texas got a LOT of talent. i have so many new Texan friends, kindred spirits. I will add you to my blogroll. Blessing, Marta.

  15. I absolutely love it! It's perfect! I also love your header. Love the colors. Have a wonderful weekend and Valentines Day! Hugs and glitter, Patti (please stop by and I will share a Valentine for you.)

  16. You made the heart look so pretty! Have a very Happy Valentine's Day! Twyla

  17. So beautiful post, Sue! Thanks for your visit and for sharing...HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! Enjoy!!!

  18. So sorry that I missed you yesterday. It seemed like the day just ran away from me! But, with this being ♥Valentine's Day♥ what better time for me to stop by to see your Pink Saturday goodies.

    It's been a long and dark winter up here near Canada so filling myself up with pink is my way on the weekend of chasing away the blues - not that blue isn't a nice color, too☺

    I ♥ coming here. All the pink and all the girlie stuff just floods my brain and makes me want to do a happy dance right where I sit!

    Thanks so much for sharing. After all, isn't sharing one of life's greatest pleasures?

    ♫Happy Valentine's Day♫

  19. Happy Pink Saturday. That is beautiful. I love it. I hope you have a very happy Valentines Day. Winona

  20. Happy Pink Saturday!! I loved the box!! The story was so great!! Loved it!! Have a great week!!


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