Who's Been 'Messin With Texas Mother Nature???

Snow covered Tunas!!! Oh! They don't look 'Fishy' to Ya'll?  Well, as ya know by now, this GRIT speaks EST...EnglishSpanishTexan...and here in Texas we're having to stretch our Bilingual skills to fit MotherNatures latest Nieve de Febrero.  Snow in February!  Tunas??  Well, those are the 'Pink Thingies' that in the Spring and Summer....remember those Seasons???...that bloom into the cactus flower.  When they are picked...very carefully...before blooming they make great Cactus Jelly and a refreshing drink called Aguas Frescas.

Just last week I posted about what a 'Menace' the Agave and Barrell Cactus can be...HERE.   I take it Back!!!  Snow covered Agave is Muy Bonita.  Just WWYS....watch where ya step!

Just this past weekend it was 70, somethin and all was in the 'Prep for Spring'!
Yep, It doesn't pay to 'Mess With Texas Mother Nature'!!!


  1. I can't believe it Sue! Have you gotten this much snow EVER before?.. We've had it easy so far this year, but we're paying back for that RIGHT NOW! I'm wondering if Dear Son will even have school tomorrow now.. We're going to get quite a bit during the night, right through noon tomorrow! No pictures yet.. I'm just STAYING IN! Stay warm, and stay safe! ((hugs)) ~tina

  2. So, you got some snow your way? Ours is just about melted but it never did get any warmer than 35 today.

  3. Now that is just darn weird! I thought snow on our palm trees was strange.


  4. Oh My Gosh Sue Sweetie...
    Well I can tell you it sure wasn't me messin with Texas. I still can't believe it. We too had those beautiful 70+ days of sun and then all this darn rain came. It is supposed to be sunny now through Friday and guess what rain again for the weekend.

    I am thinkin that someone paid Mother Nature off. She has been giving us all heck. What do you think?

    Those cactus sure did look funny with all the snow on them. I hope your cactus jelly is not ruined for the season. That stuff is great. I love it.

    Have a beautiful evening. Stay warm sweetie. Country hugs and much love...Sherry

  5. Hey Sue

    I think that your storm is headed our way - 12-18 inches is expected Thurs into Fri. - UGH

    Love the apron form PS, yep great minds think alike!


  6. Mother Nature is messing with this Colorado native too! I want warmer weather. I want some Springtime blooms and blossoms! Ah...

    You are a gem posting my giveaway here! I wish you lots of luck and I hope you saw the 2nd giveaway. I bet you will like my lotion/soap dispenser with the cute fruit pattern! Stay warm! Happy week to you!

  7. Yikes! It's like an iceberg around here, too. I bet your dogs are wearing their sweaters!

  8. Yep! I'ts been snowing here all day. Temps aren't that cold so it didn't really build up except on decks and such. But anything that had started to pop up for spring got a big shock! :-(
    Stay warm and cozy!

  9. Several weeks more of this cold dreary slushy stuff. Oh say it ain't so.\\

    Oh and by the way, when I clicked on your blogand saw the ice covered cacti or Tunas, I swear my eyes saw sonething entirely different. I thought before reading it that it was a photo of a very young and cute little calf that was peeking through the snow and ice. Go ahead and look again from MY eyes and you can see it, I know you can. A cute little brown nose. Ya see it? Yep I think I'd better hurry off right now and find that Optometrist for my 2 years late eye appointment. 'ya think????????? Hugs, Mollye

  10. Just look at that snow. We had snow this morning.

    I am just back to work this week. It had been so long since I felt like visiting, and I really missed everyone.

  11. Good morning Sue. Snow again. This is getting to be a habit. I think the global warming experts are snowing us. It is very cold here and it snowed most of the day yesterday. It didn't stick because we had finally warmed up to a weekend in the 60's just last week. Crazy weather. I like your fluffy snow photos.
    Have a happy Texas day in spite of the mother nature thing.
    Hugs, Jeanne


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