Thinkin GREEN...It Ain't EZ in West Texas!!!

In West Texas there's a 'DubYa' Thingy we Always say to Yankees Visitors. 
'Watch Where Ya Step and Watch Where Ya Sit'!
Yep, the Greens of Texas can be 'Real Purty' and 'Real Prickly'!
Those Purty Yellow Flower plants are Sticker Weeds and the Dried Grassy Stuff is Tumble Weeds. 
 Have Ya'll heard about Texas Tumble Weeds? 
 Not toooo Bad when Green, but when Brown.....WWYS!!!
Tumbleweeds are not originally from Texas...Really...they are thought to have originated in Russia...Really!
If your interested in Tumbleweeds and want to know more...Click HERE but WWYS!!!

Folks come from FarAnWide, USA to dig up the Desert Plants of West Texas. 
 Us Texans are like, What For?
Come to find out it's the latest Thingy in what's called 'ZeroScaping'. 
 Yep, that's where ya have the whole yard in all the Cactus and Rocks in Texas. 
Course to achieve that ya gotta have a Landscape Architect, a Backhoe, a Dump Truck, and a Crew with Shovels, Steeltoed Boots, Sticker Proof Gloves and Lots of Muscles.
Again, us Texans are like, What For?  
The Agave and FishHook Barrell cactus grow right here in the Front Yard.  It's a Menace! 
 Are ya'll Sure that's what you want? 
 I have to get a ten foot pole for when the paper boy throws like a girl...cept this GRIT who throws like Nolan Ryan.
And if you think your gonna catch any fish with those hooks....think again.  Go ahead, SuckaFish...WWYS.

Now one thing you don't need in ZeroScaping is a WaterBoy!  Why???
Well, from what I understand....that's the ZeroPart....ZeroWater! 
Course that's not Totally True...even Cactus need some Water.  Rocks???
Just a little to wash off the dust so you can see what all those DumpTruckBucks brought ya.

I'd rather have Container Tomatoes, Pink Begonias, Hanging AirPlane Plants, Little Nomes and This WaterBoy than all the DumpTruckBucks in Texas!

Yep, He Loves being a Texas Gardner.....Just like his NanaSue!!!

One Ten Foot Pole!!
The PaperBoy....She got a Baseball Scholarship to UT!


  1. Oh, I love all this green! All I see is white and blue (lovely sky today!) I have never been drawn to cactus and when I visit my parents in Arizona, I compliment the cacti but am VERY thankful that my mother overloads her pots with RED geraniums! That grandson is a cutie pie!

  2. Anonymous2/15/2010

    Hi Sue, Sure hope your Valentine was one sweet day. I have to tell you I do not like cactus and could never in the desert. Apparently when my house was built, some 30 years ago, there was a big sale on yucca plants because they are all over out here. I do not like them at all. But if you dig one up three more come in it's place. When we redid the pool and dug 6 up that were along the old pool wall, bits and pieces of the roots got thrown in the woods, so we have a whole forest of yucca plants now. My Mom said when she was a little girl they used the yucca plant leaves to string fish on. Wish I knew how to get rid of them. Anyway, loved your post. They are always so colorful and fun.

  3. Hi Sue,
    Thanks for the education on cacti. Funny thing is that I can kill it too! A green thumb....I have not!

    Your grandson is a real dollbaby.

    Great post.


  4. A cuter gardner I have never seen!!! Adorable grandson and quite a lesson on cacti! Great post!!! Have a wonderful day!

  5. hey sugar girl, Thanks for the smiles to put me in a nicer frame of mind today . Heza little charmer isn't he. Hugs, Mollye

  6. I didn't know that about tumbleweeds! (does that mean I'm still a 'visitor'?! I do know to watch where I sit!!! We have some those prickly things in our yard.

  7. Anonymous2/18/2010

    precious boy in your garden. give him a big hug from me.


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