The Apron RoundUp...Pink Saturday 2~20~2010

 How to begin?
Does it make any difference?
Why worry?
What’s the point?
Where’s my PinkMuse?

At the beginning.
Of course NOT.
That’s what I do.
 I dunno.
Not here.

If I start at the beginning…..well, we don’t have time! No one will know the difference unless I tell them, so I won’t say anything about how this PinkPost may not have a beginning or an ending.
 Don’t Worry…Be Happy it’s Pink Saturday!
The point is ….I forgot! It’s been hours since I sat down to do this Post….what was the question?

Please, PinkMuse…..where art thou? Has this ever happened to you? I tell you, it’s a new Thingy for this GRIT. I’m usually so ‘Fullofit’.

Ok…Here goes…now this is outta the ‘Clear Blue Pink Sky!

Did your Grandma and Mama wear aprons? Mine did. I’ve been lookin and thinking back to around the 1950’s, and this is what I found in Better Homes and Gardens April 1951 about who wore Aprons…

NEARLY every woman who set their high heels on the Kitchen Alcoa Linoleum Floor.

The exception being the woman in the yellow strapless tea-length formal.....she just took her Apron off so her guest would not think she slaved over a hot double oven all day!

I've been on an APRON RoundUp this week!  Here's how it BEGAN....I'm An Apron~Aholic...Step One!
What's an Apron RoundUp? That's where the Apron~Aholic has the fear of being Classified as a Hoarder and sets about  rounding up aprons from here and there and everywhere!  Deciding on which ones to keep and which ones to Give and Sale.  The RoundUp took me to the Antique Booth where some were for sale...but not selling and then to the Wool N Cotton Shop where some were covering the Kitchen Window, being displayed, and 4Sale in the Kitchen. The Pink Organdy with Hankies was one that was there and now is here and will soon be UpThere Under the Header in the Tab Han~Done Aprons 4Sale!  It's Bloggers new 'Page Gadget Thingy'.

As Luck would have it, I couldn't get out of the Wool N Cotton shop without 'Just Looking' at the new Fabrics.

Look what I found!!!
Perfect Pink Fabric for an APRON!
I sew Needed Another APRON!

I could hardly wait to get home and make this Cowgirl Apron for this Pink Saturday Post!  Gosh, it was fun to sew an Apron.  Just like my GrandMa Minnie and Mama used to do. 

PS...Beverly at How Sweet The Sound is the 'FeelinBetter Hostess' for Pink Saturday and as always has a whole list of Apron Wearin Pinkies on the List.  Let's go Meet and Greet!

PPS.....FYI...Cowgirl Apron is Simplicity Pattern #2492.  The fabric is by MODA and called 'Rawhide'. 


  1. I love your apron and your Pink Post! I have the sweetest b/w pic of my mom in an apron. I never saw her without one as I was growing up. I wonder what happened to all those treasures?! I have tried to post it and am doing something wrong that it will not post. I won't give up though.

    Happy PS to you & Hugs to you dear one!

  2. Anonymous2/19/2010

    Love it.. but you are NEVER full of it! I have had 2 aprons just recently done for me from Holly Loves Art..(her blog address is the same!) She did a "gypsynurse" and a " gypsy rebel" for me.. you must check her out! And who cares about..beginning..end... its PINK.. let it roll!

  3. Happy Pink Saturday Sue Sweetie...
    Oh my gosh I have to tell you this apron is just the cutest darn thing. I love the fabric, and I love the little conchos on the pockets, so darn cute. You go right ahead and hoard away sweetie, aprons fold flat. Can't take up to much room. I love the textiles, so pretty.

    Outstanding job. Sue you are not going to believe this, but my Grandma's name? Was Minnie, yep Minnie Maxwell. I have never known anyone else with that name. I am tickled pink. Well we already said we were kindred spirits. Yep I believe we sure are.

    Country hugs sweetie, and so much love...Sherry

  4. OH wow! I LOVE your pink fabric and your pink apron. Perfect, perfect, perfect!!!

  5. Keeping my barker on barkcloth...priceless!!! I hadn't even thought of that and it's a wonderful thought! Now to tell you how much I LOVE this post. I'm crazy for vintage fabrics such as your cowboy cloths, vintage aprons (I have a small collection I adore), and those 50's housewives on their Alcoa floors! Fabulous post...happy days to you! Hugs, Coralie

  6. I am also an apron-aholic, chickee. Favorite thing to make outside of birdhouses.

  7. Love the pink cowgirl apron! I use to wear aprons all the time but haven't lately. I'll have to go back to wearing them. You have some pretty aprons. Let me know if you need to send some to a "good" home.

  8. Love that dreamy diaphanous apron up top.That is gorgeous!Hostess aprons or aprons you can really work in...I love them all!

  9. Love the apron photos but my feet hurt just looking at them. Why high heels in the kitchen? It must be a June Cleaver thing. Not in my kitchen!!!! Love the cowgirl apron. What patttern did you use. I just love it and it's pink.

    Happy Pink Saturday.

  10. LOVE your apron Sue!!! You did a beautiful job on it too! I do wear an apron if I'm wearing white, or any kind of clothing I worry extra about! I'll wear one to cook or to wash dishes... LOVE them, and love making them too! Happy Pink Saturday, and hope you have a wonderful weekend! ((hugs)) ~tina

  11. Ha! Love the apron! Happy PS!


  12. Anonymous2/20/2010

    That was fun..ny. Happy Pink Saturday! I soooo need to get me an apron or three or four. I have some ideas for making a few but haven't even gotten there ... yet. I mentioned earlier on someone's blog ... i have a long list of wanna do. Enjoyed my visit! THanks, Jenn <><

  13. Cowboy apron = perfect. Pajamas and aprons are two good things to wear every day. Happy Pink, sweetest friend of mine!

  14. What a perfect find! This apron is just what a GRIT needs. I'm so impressed that you made this. CUTE!

  15. I am an apron addict!! They remind me of my grandmas when I was little. Yours is beautiful.
    Happy PS

  16. Hi Sue... *and now walks slowly to the podium,and says.."Hi,my name is CC and I am so addicted to aprons". And!!!!,I still wear aprons,most every day. I love everything about them..the sweet memories they bring back..ooo,those sweet memories of mama,my granny and all the "ladies" with their aprons,cooking,sewing..cleaning,cookin and quiltin. An apron is such a heart hug from the past..and as I always say..I never met an apron I didn't like,and yours are gorgeous..
    Happy Pinks to a fellow GRIT..have a beautiful weekend..

  17. Hi Sue, what a wonderful post today..I remember my nana wearing aprons, my mom, not so much....love the cowgirl apron. I have ONE apron, got it for myself before christmas and it is a Christmas one, other than that I would love to have a few to toss on and feel girly..
    Have a great Saturday and thanks for stopping by my Pink Houses!

  18. OMGosh! OMGosh! You have to tell me who makes that fabric! Did you use a pattern for that adorable apron!! Thanks so much for visiting me today! I am loving your blog on this Pink Saturday!!

  19. Just love those aprons! I collect vintage aprons too.

  20. Love the aprons! I love all vintage linens and fabrics.

  21. Anonymous2/20/2010

    I am becoming a linen addict also! we need a 12 step program!
    Happy Pink Saturday!

  22. Oh Geez - I love that apron and there it is on your header, too. Could you have found any cuter fabric than this??? It's just darling. Yep, I've been short of pink a few times...don't worry - it happens to the Pinkest of us! LOL
    Happy Pink Saturday ♥♥♥ Nancy

  23. Oh I think you're onto something quite amazing here. There's talent in sewing just the right kind of apron you know. Oh yep my mama wore them every day with her dress and little high heels to cook supper for her little brood. Hair fixed to a T, make-up on with the RED lipstick and her L&M cigarette sometimes hanging from her lips. I found this extraordinarily charming and couldn't wait to do that while preparing a meal for my own fam. And this little apron here..........well itzabeauty fer shore. Hugs your way, Mollye

  24. Sue, thank you for stopping by. I love your collection of green glass. I'm not very knowledgeable about glass, I would say my forte is English china. I collect what I love which is a lot. I do not buy for resale value, the value is in the enjoyment I get from this things. I have an apron phase and amazed about 25 favorite aprons. I hang them in the door to my husband workshop and every once in a while somebody will inquire about buying one so I will part with whatever. I'm collecting paper stuff right know. I enjoy following your blog. Blessings, Marta.

  25. Hi Sue,
    The vintage looking aprons are so fun! I remember my Grandma always wore one and My mom sometimes too. I don't even own one now. Need to change that! Happy PS. Cindy

  26. I love the aprons-that cowgirl one is so cute and the detail work just perfect! I've made and collected a few myself. Thanks for the visit, I am always amazed how fast the grands do grow and change and love every minute I have with them. Happy pink week!!

  27. Hi Sue, I adore your apron post. The cowgirl apron is adorable. I do use aprons and one day I'll post MY fave.
    Happy Pink Saturday.
    Hugs, Jeanne

  28. I love aprons! And your cowboy apron is just too cute!

  29. Anonymous2/22/2010


  30. Oh, yes, I wear aprons, but not with high heels! Love your Pink Saturday apron post! Thank you for stopping by my blog over the weekend and leaving me a sweet comment.

    Hope you have a great week!

    Sherry @ A Happy Valentine

  31. Anonymous2/22/2010

    OMG.....I do love that apron you made and the fabric! wow! Do you know I cannot remember my Mom wearing an apron at all. I am going to have to ask her next time I talk to her. Happy Pink "late" Saturday.

  32. Perfect little cowgirl apron, I love it. I was a new bride in 1954 and I always wore little half aprons when in the kitchen. I don't know when that stopped, but in recent yers I have gone to the butcher apron. They are so unflattering and always too big. Have purchased all the new apron books but yet to make any aprons from them. Will check out your Simplicity pattern.


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