The Accidental Green Kitchen

 I try not to have accidents in the kitchen, but sometimes they do happen, like the last time I got the dropsies!  That led to the floor covered with big chunks and ittybitty slivers of Green Glass and Chocolate Bundt Cake Delight!  Not good!  Thankfully, my Accidental Green Kitchen is a Happy Green Delight! 

The Accidental Green started with a very 'On Purpose' Estate Sale buy of Three Needlepointed pictures. Then the dishwasher went beserk and had to be replaced. Well, accidentally the rest of the appliances HAD to go...they didn't match the new dishwasher. The rest is Sage Green Paint, 36 sets of spring loaded hinges, a couple of dozen knobs and handles, rollers, brushes etc. HISTORY!

Yep, even drink coffee in a Green cup. 

I collected Green Moon and Stars Glassware for several years before having a Green Kitchen.  One of the first pieces was this Oil Lamp. 

 My favorite color of Moon and Stars is the blue Canisters and other pieces above the Fridge. 

 So most of the green went up for Sale in my Antique Booth.  That was before the Green Kitchen. 

 Wouldn't you know I sold all but a couple of pieces.  Another accidental event.  

PS...Did I mention I collect Apples?


  1. Hi there! Oh, I adore green!! And that soft shade of sage green is my very favorite - oooh, it is so lovely. I love forest green too and I have a collection of the old Forest Green dishes, similar to your canister set in your previous post. And my carpet is forest green! I've got it bad...

    Even my blog is full of green...

    Cynthia K. (Beauty and Blessings)

  2. Wow! My John Deere coffee mug and apron would love a green kitchen to live in. They feel so out of place in pink and terra cotta.

  3. Hi Sue! Love your post today! I've always loved hurricane/oil lamps! One of my cats had a bad accident with one once... no burns, and nothing serious, but I've just been more careful where I display them ever since!.. Well, anyways, your kitchen looks beautiful, and I love all the needlepoints too! ((hugs)) ~tina

  4. Green is such a lovely color...one of my faves! Lovely kitchen!

    Blessings, Grace

  5. There is nothing over here that I do not like! You are a baaaddd influence! LOL! I love it over it! You are a real doll to post my giveaway. There will be more to follow. I am loving meeting all these new friends and as for you I feel like I have known you a while! Plus this post it awesome! My niece Karla collects apples so everywhere I go I buy her apple stuff! Now I will have to think of you and send a pretty red apple piece your way too! Hugs!

  6. You have the cutest kitchen! The kinda place where you could sit & visit with a nice steamy cup of tea or coffee! I like that green it brightens up the room so much! Very lovely. I also like that hurricane lamp and all your pretties!


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