Mexican Talavera in Texas

Talavera Castillo is 100% Hand Crafted and Detailed by Mexican Craftsmen.  Each Artistic Piece is certified authentic by the Castillo Familia. 
Bella Terrazza is known throughout Texas as the place to buy Talavera Castillo.  With each piece being handcrafted by skilled potters and painted in traditional designs and colors.  Everything from dishes to fountains can be found at Bella Terrazza.

Along with the Talavera are other Handcrafted Mexican Art like the 'Tree of Life' candelabra, and the painted 'Tin Art' Mirrors and Crosses.

And of course more of the Rooster Room with this Talavera Hen Planter or Vase.

And....Tin Roosters....and....Framed Roosters.  Lots of Crowin goin on at Bella Terrazza!

PS....I hope you have enjoyed the Talavera and will come back for more the Bella Terrazza Texas Room.  See Ya'll Then!


  1. What gorgeous pottery! Hiow unique! Thnaks for sharing.

  2. Oh, my Daughter in love would go wild! This is right up her alley - so much vivid color. I'll have to tell her to stop by!


  3. I love love love those colors. I don't need more pottery, but those just exist to make people happy! Wow.

  4. I think I need more pottery! I love the blue! You are cute in your canary yellow cardigan, Sue!


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