Featherweight Party Hat Stitchin

My 'Century Edition' Featherweight got a complete physical from Dr. S. Sims,SMD (Sew Machine Doctor) a few months ago.  Now she is ready to sew the first quilt block I've made in...yikes...I don't remember when.  Anyway, as I posted last week...HERE...I am participating in a Block of the Month, and January's block is called 'Party Hats'.  Don't you think my selection of fabrics shouts PARTY!?
Since CEFeatherweight stays at Sue's MadeWith Fabric&Fiber Studio I set up to sew there.  It's amazing how one can minimize a sewing area when necessary.  At my home studio I spread out all over the room...okay half of the room.  Back at the shop studio I have iron and padded board set up on a wood TV table and my counter serves as a cutting table...all in less than a 4x6 ft. area. 
Here's a space saving Tip for stashing snips of thread and fabric trimmings
 like dog ears from triangle piecing.
An Empty Tissue Box!
Finished Party Hat Block....displayed on new display for???
You got it...Valentines!


  1. Looks like fun colors and a quilt.
    Coffee is on

    1. They are fun colors and I think will be a fun quilt for the child who will receive it as a donation quilt. Thanks for stopping by, Dora! Hope you are staying warm in this cold winter weather. Need a quilt?

  2. Replies
    1. For sure! I am such a party gal...sewing party...that is!

  3. Fun block. Yes, I too like to spread out when sewing. Betty Sue and I will be stitching at the LQS later today. Not much room to spread out there.

    1. You saw my limited space at the shop...I'm lucky to have that much. It works out for small stitching which is all I have time for there. That Betty Sue sure is getting a lot of exposure...she's a beauty!


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