Perpetual Calendar Quilt...Never To Be Purged

At the beginning of every year I take down the old and put up the new calendar.  I use to SAVE the old calendar.  Even had/have a filing cabinet drawer for the 'Calendar Collection'.  This year, I decided not to SAVE 2017's calendar...enough!  Which reminds me...the Calendar Collection is next on the list to purge.
At the time this quilt was made, I owned a commercial embroidery machine which stitched out 4 monthly designs at a time.  I have used them on many different projects, including aprons and birthday projects. 
The Perpetual Calendar Quilt has hung in all of my Home Studios through out the years since it was made in the year 2000.  Here it hangs in my 'Garage Studio' in 2007.
Time for it to hang in a different Studio...
....Never To Be Purged!!!

1 comment:

Joanne said...

nifty perpetual calendar. The months and years do roll on. Yours in a colorful way.


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