I Still Sew Vintage

I have favorites, and at this stage in my sewing life/career I can say that without fear of repercussions.  In other phases of my life playing/showing favorites was not a good idea for keeping  peace/piece/persons happy.

My favorite fabrics are 'Vintage'.  Throughout my sewing life/career, vintage quilts, quilt tops and fabrics have made their way to my collections.

If they weren't originally vintage, then reproductions were at the top of my list to collect, stash and sew.  Yesterday was a Vintage Scrap Ditty Bag Sew day.

It was also a re-organizing of what's left of my vintage reproduction fabrics. 
 Yardages were pressed, refolded and stacked.  Scraps went to the vintage basket and bin.
This doesn't look like much, does it?  I'm having a bit of a panic attack!
Oh, right, Sue,  you have more at Sue's MadeWith Fabric&Fiber Studio!  Whew!
Along with using vintage scraps for ditty bags, I made use of a few embroidery blocks that are almost vintage.  That is they have been around long enough they qualify.  This January embroidery block is a leftover from The Calendar Quilt, and the fabrics from the 'Not Vintage Scrap Basket'!  Yes, I have several of those baskets...laundry baskets!!!  I could sew a 'GaZillion' ditty bags from them and still have baskets and bags full. 
Oh, BTW....bags of 'Not Vintage Scraps' are going to Studio #14.
Please come get a Bag or Two or Three...for FREE!
Sorry...No Vintage Scraps...I Still Sew Vintage!


  1. whew. Glad you have a secret stash at the studio. I was worried.
    I do love how colorful everything is

    1. No worries...although not a secret, the shop stash is there and I often buy from it...really cheap, too! Yep, I'm a colorful gal. Hope you are staying warm. We didn't get the ice you guys had.

  2. That lace on the hexie bag makes my heart go pitter patter. Lovely! Glad you are sewing again.

    1. I know, right! That lace was given to me from a crafter friend who use hot glue to stick it down. It was worth the time picking it off to sew it to the bag. Still have some more to de-glue. I'm enjoying sewing!

  3. That calendar just keps going faster every year now!! The calendar quilt is very neat. Your skills are wonderful Sue

    1. Thanks Ann...I wish I had a full set of the calendar blocks to make another one. I guess it will always be a one of a kind. Thanks for stopping by, and yes, the years are going by faster.


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