A Vintage 4R's Bucket List Bash!

As a Crochet Collector...I am beginning to feel more like a Crochet Hoarder!  Little did I realize how MANY crochet pieces have been stashed here and there.  It all came to light as I readied them for display and to join the '4R's Bucket List'...Rescue-Repurpose-Recycle-Resale.  I think I have rescued my share, repurposed them in sewing projects, recycled ones with issues in wall hangings, sun catchers and more.  NOW it is time to Resale.

It was actually fun to decorate and display them in my Studio Shop. 
They are a perfect companion group to the Vintage Quilts and my upcoming theme
'Vintage Valentines'. 
It's a Vintage 4R's Bucket List Bash!


Joanne said...

I have some crocheted pieces my grandmother did. Alas they are getting yellowed. It's the memory that counts.

bookworm said...

Wow. You've had busy fingers through the years. Lovely work, too.

Birdie's Mom said...

If I could just move that all into my living room I would. Just beautiful

Sue McPeak said...

Thanks. It has ALL been in my living room, bedrooms, and sewing room at one time or another.


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