The UseIt, LoveIt, SharEtAll Cure

After a bit more 'Self Analysis' and making piece peace with myself with having ODArexia, the decision to continue my Status QuoProQuilt/Knit/Crochet/Bead/EtAll was made.  I'm embracing EtAll and revamping my previous declaration of  'UseIt or LoseIt' to 'UseIt~LoveIt~ShareIt'.  Here's the first of UseItUp YarnARama in a newly designed 'Stringy Skinny Bobble Scarf'. 

I'm Loving It.
There's lots to Love in the UseIt phase...
...digging in the Yarn and Ribbon Stash...
...quick crochet project with HUGE hook...
...keeping a special friend in mind with Southwest colors...
...designing pendant/collar necklace...
...playing in Beads and Bling...

I'll SharEtAll....Soon!!!
In A Quilt Store and More ETSY Store.
...and there is More...Three More...so far...
YarnArama OverDoArexia is Full Blown and the Cure is to....
 UseIt, LoveIt, SharEtAll.


  1. How beautiful. It really look great with the cross.

  2. Thank-you LV. It's amazing what a little ole piece of BLING will do to a bunch of scrappy string!

  3. You must have LOTS of stuff, Sue. I think I remember photos of your creative room!

  4. LOTS of stuff, PomPom...you are so right. My creative room is overflowing, but I'm working on downsizing and using some of my treasures to make more treasures. Fun Fun!!!

  5. Fun fun fun and pretty :) My kind of play.

  6. Yes, Denise....it is a Fun kind of Playtime. I'm never ready to put it down. Thanks for stopping by.

  7. Great design and creativity going on here! Love!!


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