A Touch of Pink Stringyness

In the 'Pursuit of Happiness' with 'UseIt~LoveIt~SharEtAll', I have rediscovered my LOVE to CROCHET.  After sewing, it was the second 'Needlework' skill I learned.  It did not come easy...but my Homemaking teacher persevered with the lessons on doily making.  My doilies did not cover the coffe table, but did grace a table as a Tea Glass Cozy.  Needleless to say I was a disaster with #Tiny Hooks and #Skinny Crochet Thread.  Then I discovered the letter 'J' needle and yarn.  It was made for me and the 'Pursuit of Crochet Happiness' was born with Fringed Poncho's for everyone in the family and Granny Square Everything.
Those were also the days of not only 'One of A Kind' projects, but 'ONE KIND OF YARN'...Worseted Weight Acrylic.  I did not become a 'Yarn Snob' until I took up knitting a few years ago.  Wow, Yarn has come along way baby...or maybe it's just me.  Now my YarnArama is loaded with every kind of 'Crochetable/Knitable' yarn and string known to womankind.
 I'm LovinIt!!!
This has been a Sneak Peek of my newly designed and made
 'Skinny Stringy Bobble Scarves'
introduced in the post below,
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  1. Love the color choices for your scarf! I enjoy crochet too. :)

  2. I get it! I'm a newish knitter that has suddenly fallen in love with yarn of all kinds! Love your photo!

  3. Hi Sue, I took crochet lessons in high school and failed. You are lucky to have someone who didn't give up on you. Smile. And of course, your stick to it attitude. I love the pink, gray and black colors. The different textures appeal to me too. It almost makes me want to try again. However, I am still trying to catch up with my quilt projects. Yikes.

    Happy Pink Saturday.
    xo, Jeanne

  4. I never learned to crochet, but have lots of it. It has been handed down from various family estates. I love all handwork.

  5. I would love to learn how to crochet! I should be making baby afghans. ;)

    Have a happy Sunday!


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