A 'Pantster' Project...No Plan~No Pattern

The Scrap Baskets have been calling me...BOTH of them...the
 Fabric Basket and the Yarn Basket.
Of course you know there are more than one of each of those....right?
Today, the Yarn Scraps yelled loudest!
Even though there was not a pattern or a plan, some organization had to happen in the Worsted Scrap Yarn Baskets.  After untangling and hand rolling a pile of string and pulling some knitted swatches and granny squares from the 'Yarny Practice Basket', I remembered a stitch I Pinned on my Crochet Pinterest Board a while back....HERE....Linen Stitch.  I used a 'J' crochet hook and chained 25 to start a scrapy strip.  The strip grew in length and then in width by linen stitching down one side.
Stitched in the swatches, rounded out the granny square, dumped out a huge jar of buttons and began to 'Fly by the Seat of My Pants' with embroidery yarn stitching.  This is the the FUN part...and when a 'Plan' begins to form.  Yep, it always goes back to 'Gotta have a Plan'!

I plan to make ANOTHER 'No Plan~No Pattern Scrappy Bag'!
Don'tCha just love it when a No Planner comes together?


  1. Cute! You have been really creative lately.

  2. What a fun and cheerful project!! :-) Happy Thanksgiving to you, Sue!

  3. love it ! you are so creative.
    stopping by to wish you a blessed Thanksgiving.

  4. Love this! You have a beautiful creative heart and I love seeing your talent shine! Happy Thanksgiving Sweet Sue from Texas! I hope you and HiHoney have a blessed day and I know you will enjoy all the blessings with your wonderful phamily!

    Hugs Anne


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