Knitted Mesh Yarn...Not For Me!

It was hard not to title this post 'Knitted Mesh Mess'.  After thinking about it, I decided it would be contradictory  to my claim to being a collector, consumer and couture crafter of any and all things fiber.  Usually, I can get into a new Fiber medium with enthusiasm and patience to learn it's application.

Not so with the ever so popular 'Mesh/Lacy/Ruffle' Yarn.  Oh, I was enthused when I saw the scarves made up in the LYS...local yarn shop.  So much so, I promptly bought  several skeins thinking, "WooHoo, a quickie project just in time for Christmas Gifts. 

That was three Christmas' ago!  Not one was done for Christmas.  In fact only ONE was done at all, and Santa finally sent it ten months late in September with a card that said..."HoHoHoppy Birthday". 

What was my problem?  I'm glad you asked!
The Mesh was Mashed!
Thirty-three yards of yarn that had to be spread and stretched in order to knit between the mesh spaces.  Spreading and stretching caused the skein to twist into a coil that had to be spun out every few inches or so.  So much for Quick Knit project.  I finally got a rhythm of knit 1 hole, skip 2 holes, spin and spread coil and stick it back in the basket 2 weeks, months, years. 
So here I am two years later trying to live up to my self proclaimed 'Couture FiberWoman' image by finishing the Mesh Mess Scarves I started in spite of myself.  Yes, I started TWO more....it's the Waste Not Want Not thingy.  I finished the Green one today!  A Black and Gold one lacks a yard or so of spreading, stretching and stitching....that basket is next in line. 
That leaves the Blue Skein and a Lime Green Skein. 
Guess where they are going?
Wanna Make a Trendy Ruffled Scarf?  Here YaGo!
Yarn Bee Chrysalis....Lime Green Mesh Yarn....ETSY Link
Katia Triana Blue Mesh Yarn....ETSY Link
Want an OhSoTrendy Ruffled Scarf?  Here YaGo!


  1. I've seen a lot of those scarves at craft shows lately. It's just one thing I never got interested in doing. I would like to have a solid white one though, so I might still give it a try.

  2. They ARE pretty. I've bought them and given them as gifts but don't own one myself. It's interesting to ready a perspective from the other side of the needles.


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