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Undergoing 'Self Analysis' is not helping to solve my dilemma of WhatToDo???   I keep thinking there is something wrong with me that I can't settle in on ONE project and get it finished. 

I've always been a multi-tasker, and thought having two, four, six or eight projects going at once was manageable.  Dividing my time between them kept me from getting bored, gave me a variety of topics to blog about, and within a reasonable amount of time, bragging rights on two, four, six or eight FINISHED projects.

Now that I think about it...more 'Self Analysis'...all that 'Mega Multi-Tasking' was 'BackInTheDay' when stockpiling/collecting sewing machines, fabric, thread, notions, books, patterns, and every known sewing thingy known to womankind kept me in a frenzy.  I might not be in this Self-Inflicted Needlework mess if I had stopped with the Sewing/Quilting Obsession.

But Nooooooo!!! I had to do the same thing with Knitting, Crochet, Needlepoint, Embroidery, Beading/Jewelry, Weaving, Baskets and Ceramics.  Ceramics....I can't even begin to go there with all that lead to in equipment, tools, supplies, studio space, and on and on.  I also won't start on collecting/dealing in antiques and dishes.
I have just figured it out....there IS something WRONG with me...OverDoArexia!
Actually, I've known for quite sometime.  As in most afflictions, the cure is a long drawn out process, is painful, hard to swallow, exasperating, expensive and is not covered by Medicare.  I was hoping Obama would care, but everytime I type in ODArexia the website crashes.

So here I am trying a Multitude of Fixes to eliminate SOME of my ODArexia  rashes, anxiety attacks, and fears of what will happen to my STUFF if I'm not around to dictate it's fate which in all likelihood would be Craig's List, Garage/Estate Sales and Create an Ad on Facebook.  My DIL is an expert marketer in those venues.

As for me, I am an Online Marketing Hack, but I'm trying to recoup some of my 'Simple Pleasures Treasures' with the opening of CollectInTexas Blog/ETSY Shop, harassing my Facebook Family and Friends, and drawing attention to my plight by writing this post.  Is it working?  So far on ETSY, I have listed over 100 yards of fabric and several dozen quilts and quilted items....you've heard the saying 'selling like gangbusters'....not happening!  I'm afraid I'm in the wrong 'Gang' for today's Hip-Fabric buyers who make their aprons with designer fabrics not feed sacks, and the 'GrannyGang' I run with are all trying to downsize, too.

What am I going to do???
I'm going to Knit, Sew/Quilt and Blog!
What can I say...It's What I Do!
PS...As long as you are here and not suffering from UROwn OverDoArexia,
you might like to browse around my ETSY Shop. 
Just click on the Pink Texas Button.  It will sure help cure what ails me.
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  1. Love the cross stitch...gorgeous!

  2. I love the old quilting fabric's I'm a sucker for the vintage fabrics.

  3. super cute cross stitch, Sue! I have the tendency to over do as well!

    Thanks so much for sharing at Needle and Thread Thursday!

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  4. I love your cross stitch work! I made all my kids cross stitched Christmas stockings when they were little. It's a lot of fun, isn't it?

  5. I have UFOs from every single craft I've ever tried (many!). After I get my quilting manageable I'll start in on the others - cross stitch might have the next highest number. I think they might become quilted items now instead of framed!


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