Ending November with an EVEN Number

I like things nice and neat, orderly and even.
I'm not a fanatical neat freak, and I can make chaos out of order. 
However, 'The Evenness Chromosome' has always worked overtime in my psycho psyche.  It is the reason that I am here at this late hour on the last day of November writing a nonsense post.  Yep, as soon as I noticed that November was about to end with an uneven number of posts, I was scrambling for a topic of interest that would rival all the Hoopla of Black Friday, Super Shopping Saturday, Spendthrift Sunday and Cyber Monday.  The only thing I can come up with is...'Twenty-five Shopping Days Til Christmas'...which puts me back to another 'Uneven' number.
Not that it matters much to me....shopping days until Christmas....I am MAKING gifts and if all goes according to plan and they way it does most every year, I will be putting the final stitches on something right up until Christmas Eve. 
At least it's an 'Even Numbered Eve'.
Just in case you checked my November Numbers, I just wanted you to know
  I'm not superstitious about the Number 13...it's just that it is uneven.
Besides...'14' is my LUCKY number...and it's EVEN!



  1. You're funny, Sue!
    I wish you a busy and blissful December!

  2. You sound like my cousin, who's birthday is today. She can never stand it if something is a uneven number!

  3. You used beautiful fabric to create that patch.

    I've never noticed if I've posted an even or odd number at the end of each month. OH NO! ;))

  4. I am an odd number birthday, but come Dec 3 this year I will be an even number! LOL! I turn the big 6 0! I just don't feel it but it is coming in a short few hours! Sigh! Have a super time stitchin those gifts!

  5. I really enjoyed the first photo with the buttons!


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