Zombie Guy...My Creepy Christmas Spirit

Some years the Christmas Spirit eludes me. Not so this year!

Oh, I admit it's kind of a 'Creepy Christmas Spirit!

In past years I've been inspired by Angels... could hardly wait to TOP the Tree with a newly made Crocheted Angel and decorate with delicate and glittery 'Snowflakes'.

Then there was the year the tree was filled with shinny glass Baubles, Victorian Beaded Ornaments and more breakables than you'd find in a china closet.  That was just a few years ago when Grandson Jackson was also the Un-Decorator...you might remember...The Un-Decorator Is Here .

I'm giving Jackson the credit for getting me in the Christmas Spirit this year, too.
It's been the 'Year of the Zombie' with Jackson.  Yep, we all have been given a Zombie name or Zombie has been added...ie...Nana Zombie.  I have even played the Zombie Xbox game with the predictable outcome of being Zombie Zapped.  I discouraged letting him watch the TV Zombies, playing the Xbox and all the IPad Zombie websites.  What were his parents thinking?
Then I came across the Zombie Doll Pattern.
With a few alterations to the pattern and a change of clothes...I give you
'Zombie Guy'.
Along with some Christmas Remanents from last year, he and Elmo are helping me get in the Christmas Spirit....albeit....'Creepy Christmas'!
I can hardly wait to put him UNDER the Tree!
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  1. You are SUPER GRANNY, Sue! That zombie has a cute face!

  2. You just make me smile Sue! Those zombies are usually not my favorite, my kids watch the T.V. series. But this guy is a hoot! You know, not that mother-in-laws are zombies or anything (LOL) but my friend Alyn had a MIL Doll. All her parts were velco bound and when you were frustrated you could rip off an arm, etc,! I love that doll and would love to have her! But Alyn is a real meanie and won't give her up! HaHaHa!
    I Just wish I had a talent for sewing! I did find a burlap snowman I might try my hand at! If I can't glue burlap to those foam balls I am in real trouble!
    Have a terrific week! Hugs Anne

  3. I bet the angel year was beautiful!

  4. He us creepy but also very cute. He makes a good friend for Elmo.

  5. He is great. You have come up with a perfect gift that will be a wonderful memory for you grandson. Yea for Nana Zombie!

  6. Your grandson will LOVE his zombie doll... scary and fun at the same time. Great going Nana Zombie.

  7. I've featured your Zombie doll today...

  8. Anonymous12/08/2013

    The Zombie guy is cute! Thanks for visiting me earlier!

  9. Zombie guy is cute and how sweet he's Elmo's friend. This made me smile.
    I'm still trying to find my Elf from the 50's. He's vintage and my daughter says he looks evil. LOL


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