Speed Knitting, Quick Crochet and Pink Roses

As predicted, there will be last minute stitching of some sort being done on Christmas Eve...I said that HERE on the post...Ending November.  It happens that way most every year even when I start early...like in July...at least with the thought process.  As a matter of fact, I am somewhat of a 'Gift Magician'...yes, I can pull a 'Quilted Gift' outta my 'Top Hat'...also known as 'The Quilt Closet"...anytime of the year.  Family and Friends are just as likely to get one of those Magical Gifts made years ago or just in the last year or last month or last week. 
This year there is a special group of 'Care Givers' who have touched my Family, and even though we have said Thank-you to them many times, words are just not enough to express our appreciation. So, to the Yarn-A-Rama Stash I flew and cast on 30 needles at a time and began a 'Speed Knitting Frenzy' that would rival Santa's Elves Knit Shop....he has one you know...I checked...they were booked up.
Now I am a 'Knit Gift Magician'...thanks to Bonda...my manual knitting machine.
See the 30 Needles...knitting at the same time with one swipe of Bonda...Magic Indeed!!!!

 After the 'Speed Knitting' comes the 'Quick Crochet' with edging, beads and fringe, and almost 'Quick as a Wink' a warm and fuzzy pile of scarves appear.  HoHoHo!!!

What goes with Scarves?  A Rose Broach, of course! 
What color of Rose says 'Thank-you for Caring'?  Why Pink of course!

I'm off to 'Quick Crochet' Pink Roses.  I made the White Rose from THIS pattern...FREE from Lion Brand Yarn Company.  It is also on my Pattern List...left Sidebar...in case you would like to make it later.
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  1. Love the colors you used. I know the pieces my MIL have made me I will always treasure.

  2. the white roses are lovely and your knitting machine makes knitting much faster. important for being ready for Christmas.

  3. Anonymous12/08/2013

    Go Girl Go! Even with the manual knitter machine it's still a Big Job! How very thoughtful of you to do this for your care givers - I know they will appreciate it :)

  4. I always knew you were special! Just look at your magic touch. You have a good heart, sweet Sue.

    Happy Pink Saturday.♥

  5. Your knitting machine sure looks faster than my crochet needle. I'm currently working on a wrap for hospice patients. Our local Senior Center sponsors a group that meets each Tuesday to knit or crochet for hospice patients. Haven't been for awhile but I do continue to crochet items to donate.

    You are one busy girl. I'm sure you'll be ready to Christmas very early this year!


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