Blogging Trends in 2014

I'm not a 'TREND SETTER', but I'm thinking for 2014 I could be...or not!
It depends on how I manage and like this 'Latest Blog Make-over'.
On this last Saturday of 2013, I am beginng what I am calling
Day~By~Day on CollectInTexas Gal.
After five years of blogging about
 Collecting, Decorating, Dishes, Family History, Needleworks, Texas and Whatever,
it is time to 'Re-Organize and Prioritize'.
That's what one does for the beginning of a New Year when New Years Resolutions
are NOT Happening....at least not as 'Statements To Make a Liar Outta Me'.
'Trends for Blogging in 2014'....I Googled that....and sure enough there were several hits.   Mostly from marketing analysts who agree that 'Content' is STILL 'King', but that the King's Content should be served up on Social Media Silver Platters and spread throughout the World Wide Webkingdom.  Well, there's where I'm going to get off the Trend Setter Wagon....even though I am somewhat trendy with CITexas Gal on Facebook and Pinterest in a limited way.  For those whose time and interest lies there...more power!

For this GRIT, 'Girl Raised In Texas'...I use to say that a lot...CollectInTexas Gal's Trending for 2014 will be Day~By~Day with: 
MakeIt~ShowIt Monday      
Tricks of My Trades Tuesday
WorksInProgress Wednesday  
Collected Treasures Thursday
YeOlde Family Friday   
Sue's Special Shares Saturday
KeepingIt Simple Sunday 
It's a way of including ALL the Aspects of the last five years and
 'Re-Organizing and Prioritizing' via the Calendar. 
 Will I post everyday of the Week on Topic? 
Will I become Blogger's Next Blog of Note? 


  1. I've also been thinking about what structure I want to employ for my blog in 2014, but I haven't figured it out yet. "Works in Progress" is a great category!

  2. Girl, I hope you know I love you. And, while I haven't personally seen a pig fly, I acknowledge the possibility.

    Happy Pink Saturday and Happy New Year.

  3. I just blog about what I'm doing at the time. It's a way to express myself and I'm not trying to impress anybody, although I hope people enjoy reading. Everyone should make their blog their own and do it their way. No rules....

  4. I look forward to reading your day by day blog posts in 2014!

  5. That sounds like a great line up! Have a Happy New Year!

  6. I always just fly by the seat of my pants...whatever is going on around me usually gets thrown in a post.:)

    Hope you find some boots you love. :)

  7. I am not that organized or creative. I just go with what happens to be on my mind that day. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

  8. I'm looking forward to it all!

  9. Well, I haven't thought about it at all, but I guess you have me thinking now. I am a tablescaper mostly and I have a special love for dishes, so I guess in the end, I will not change much, lol!
    I'd love to see what ideas you have, though. Thank you for visiting me and wish for you and yours a very blessed new year.


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