Stash Away-Stash Away All...Ya'll

This time of the year is a great time to buy Christmas theme fabric!  Why?  Because it's ON SALE!

It's a 'Marketing Stash Strategy', and I know this because I have had years of practice in not only Christmas Stashing, but Christmas Marketing Strategy. 

It's called 'Year End Inventory Reduction' by the 'MarkItUp-eters, and 'Christmas Stash Away' by quilters, crafters and sewers.

As soon as it goes ON SALE for 50% Off, it's time to buy the pieces you 'Gotta Have'...don't wait for a lower discount...it won't be there.  At 50% off you are getting it almost wholesale...yep, the markup is at least half when it comes into the fabric shop.  With each reduction, the fabric store loses money on it's initial investment and passes on the savings to their 'Stash Away Customers'.

Big Box Fabric Stores can afford to reduce their Christmas stock all the way down to 75% off without taking a big hit on their bottom line....as long as it's out the door by December 31st.  Otherwise it's Inventory Tax Material..pun intended...for the next year.  It's a matter of 'Quanity' not 'Quality'.

Now for the independent Quilt Shops, it's a different story.  Yes, they would like to turn over their Christmas inventory which they begin 'Stocking'...pun intended...in July.  So smart of them to get their customers in the Christmas Gift Making mood when we are in the middle of  'Summer Sweat Sewing'.  Somehow, the Winter Themed fabrics have a way of cooling off customers...that and freezing up the AC. 

I always loved making up 'Christmas Samplers', Blocks and Stockings for displays.  So inspiring were the 'Sugar Plum-Frosty-Snowflake' and Santa fabrics.  The Christmas colors, the glitzy threads, the Embroidery Designs, the Cuddly-Softie Christmas Doll patterns and Doll Clothes were favorites for gift making.
Then...along came grandson Jackson and his 2013 Favorite Character...Zombie Guy!
As he sat on Santa's Lap and said, "All I want for Christmas is a Zombie Guy",
Santa raised an eyebrow and winked at me and said,
"That's all on YOU, Nana...my Elves do not do Zombies"
Even though not a single Christmas Stash fabric was used or any of the Glitzy Embroidery Thread was stitched on scars, scalp and smoocher, Jackson's Christmas Gift was made in the 'Spirit of Christmas'....Creepy though it may be. 
As I said, now is the time to shop for your 2014 Christmas Stash.
Check out your LQS...Local Quilt Shop...they will have
'Quilt Quality' Christmas Fabrics ON SALE!
Big Box Fabric Shops will have BARGINS with Added Discount Coupons.
Check them out Online...HANCOCKS ...Printout or Download Coupons to your Smartphone.
I'm SEW glad Christmas Fabric Stashing has gone HiTech!
Have a Merry Christmas and Stash Away-Stash Away All...Ya'll.
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It's Inventory Reduction on my Stash Away-Stash Away All, Ya'll.
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  1. Great tip! I found a Tartan Teddy Bear preprinted pattern at the thrift shop for $2. I figured that was a decent price. I'll go check out those fabric sales ~

  2. Oh, Sue, what is the name of that adorable dog fabric?

  3. That zombie is so cute. You certainly used your creativity on that one.

    I'm trying to use my Christmas fabric purchased "ON SALE" last year. Trying to avoid buying more. But I might be tempted!!!


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