Getting Ahead of Myself

Getting Ahead of Myself is a common situation for me.  I won't call it an issue or a problem or even a character flaw.  It's just me, and most people who know me accept my 'Been There Done WithIt' philosophy.  They also know my next move is going to be quick and will include multiple whirlwind tasks.  It happens when I lose interest in a project where the starting is more fun than the finishing...now that's a flaw, but not a problem as I usually get back to it and finish or repurpose it in someway.  I can count on Getting Ahead of Myself this time of the year, too. 
Hmmmmm....do you suppose it might be because I'm in a hurry to be
another year older in January?
UhNo....being a Card Carryin Senior Citizen puts plenty candles on the cake,
thank-you very much!
Perhaps the best explanation of why I Get Ahead of Myself is in the Stars.
We January Gals are fortunate enough to be born under the humanitarian Zodiac sign of Aquarius which confirms our forward thinking and moving.  We are born revolutionaries with clear-cut ways of how we run our own world as well as most people around us.  There's more, but I'm good with this for now.  You kind of get the picture, right?
So, now you're not all that surprised to see CollectInTexas Gal ready for the New Year.  She's all gussied up with a new dress (background) and new accessories(Tags).  As cheeky as I might appear, there is still the 'Traditional Family' oriented aspect that will always be a part of me and my Blog/BLOGS....always the 'OverDoSue'.

Bring It!
I am READY....how about You?


  1. Lovely post Sue,Happy January Birthday. Love the little January girls,so sweet. Hope you had a lovely Christmas day.

  2. See, that's why we get along so well. I'm Aquarius, too. I was supposed to be born in Jan, but, I was late (as usual). Happy 2014!


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