WIP Wed...On The Road...Again

I STARTED a NEW Project...last night!!!
Really, Sue....like there are not enough WIP's to finish in the next 13 Days Til Christmas Eve.
I can explain....this is not for a Christmas Gift...at least not this year!
Not that it hasn't been a Christmas Gift before...Yep...it was just that in 2009.
As you can see I started way early that year...like in March!
This Lavish Lace Shawl is a 'Road Trip' Project.
I always have one in progress and since I finished the last TWO earlier this month,
another Road Trip Shawl was needed for this Wednesday on The Road Again.
There are Two Criteria for choosing this 'Ready-Set-Go' WIP.
1.  It must be EASY and require NO Tick Tracking...see Fixin' SSK SlipUps.
2.  It must fit in a medium size, easy carry, knitted or crocheted bag. 
Like this One...

...or one of these.
~Just justifying having way more of them than any one person can use~
Gotta go Pack the 'Lavish Lace Shawl' and get 'Ready~Set N Go'.
O' decisions, decisions...which 'Bag' for this WIP On The Road Again Trip?
Do you have a Road Trip Project?
If you would like to try the Lavish Lace Shawl....HERE is the FREE Pattern.

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  1. I work on shawls for hospice while we are traveling. Our senior center hosts a crochet/knit group on Tuesdays. I don't always make the meetings but I can always drop off my completed shawl. Sometimes I work on afghans for the children in hospice. I enjoy crocheting and this is a worthy project.

    Love your projects too.


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