Basting seemed an appropriate topic for this Alphabe Thanksgiving Thursday...afterall, many of you are BASTING BIRDS today. Not much has changed in Bird Basting since, well, colonial days...except Butterball Self-Basting Birds. Otherwise, it's squirt the bird with the Basting Thingy and hope that keeps it juicy.

You may have guessed I don't have a lot of experience with Bird Basting...clue being 'Basting Thingy'....which I have, but have only used for sucking drippings from the Self-Basting Butterball or Bob's Beer Bottle in the Birds Butt-Basting.

On the other hand, I have years of the other kind of BASTING.  That'd be Quilt Basting, Bob!  In fact, I'm pretty sure I inherited the Basting DNA from my Grandmother Minnie who 'Needle and Thread' basted many quilts BackInTheDay.  Bless her heart, she would be proud that her Back Breaking Basting Trait was passed on even though it skipped a generation...my Mother is a Bird Baster not a Quilt Baster.  She knows very well how to squirt the Basting Thingy.

http://www.howcast.com/videos/507519-How-to-Thread-Baste-a-Quilt-QuiltingNeedle and Thread Basting is still practiced today by many quilters who hand quilt in frames and hoops and also by those who machine quilt.

 Click on the U-Tube Player for an excellent video on Thread Basting by Cathy Izzo.  Can you just imagine Minnie's reaction to learning Needle and Thread Basting via U-Tube? 

Butterball Turkeys/Engineers are not the only innovators in the world of basting.  Not that their engineers are turkeys or that their turkeys are innovators or....well, anyway...the Quilt World innovators have stepped up to the plate...so to speak...on BASTING.
Quilt Basting has come into the Twenty-first Century not only with U-Tube HowTo Videos, but with tools, supplies and aids to help the handquilter and machine quilter to achieve the best possible results in record basting time.  There is the 'Safety Pin' method, the 'Spray Baste' method, and the 'Steam A Seam' method.
Well known 'Quilt Innovator', Nancy Leman demonstrates these three techniques. 
Thank-you Nancy!
Basting is a very important 'B' word in the 'Quilt World,
 but it is not by any means the only one.
There are at least 20 more 'B' words I could have chosen and several of them
 have dual applications like Basting...ie....Squirting and Stitching.
Here are a few quilting 'B' words....you can fill in the dual applications.
~Birthing...Method of sewing the quilt batting and backing to the outside edges...right sides together...then turning the whole thing inside out as if it were a pillow case. 
~BOM...Block of the Month. 
~Bubble Jet Set...A liquid product which makes ink color fast on fabric. For use in your jet printer in making labels.
~Burn Test...A test using a flame on fabric to identify Fibers.  That'd be FIRE, Bob!
~Bare Feet...A device for finding pins dropped on bare floors and carpet.
~Baste...Long stitches used to hold the top, batting and backing of a quilt together while the quilting is being done and removed when the quilt is completed. 

Pic of my Basted Bird!

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Now...Go Baste your Bird and have a Blessed Thanksgiving!


  1. Very interesting! I can baste the turkey, not the quilting! ;-(

    Happy Thanksgiving you and yours. Your post was wonderfully informative and please know how much I admire those of you that have the quilting talent!

    Come visit me soon, I am having a giveaway!

    Hugs and Blessings, Anne

  2. Isn't it funny how many words sound alike but are so very different -- it must be awful learning to speak English from another language! Being familiar with both kinds of basting, I enjoyed that bare feet device (I use it a lot!) and birthing, now that's a new one to me, other than the baby-having kind!!
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  3. Great, creative post for *B*– superb pics! And so informative!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. okay, I'm an idiot. I'm thinking basting...as in sewing and could NOT make this post work...for a while. Dave used to say, we all speak English and can't understand a word! -grin-

  5. It takes hours to thread baste a big quilt. I use that time to figure out how I will hand quilt each part of the quilt. I'm not a turkey baster. We cheated (only 3 of us this year) and had shrimp scampi instead. Yum!

  6. Although I find basting a pain in the neck, I think having to tear machine stitches out even worse...so I baste. ;)

  7. Lovely redwork piece! I'm a safety pin baster.

  8. I'm a bad, bad baster.

    Both in turkeys and in fabric.

    I forget to do one and lose interest in the other.

    I can remember my beautiful Grandmother basting her quilts, though.

    Thanks for the happy memory.

    Thanks for linking.



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