ReTouch Tool Tutorial...Win7 Live Photo Gallery

See the Guy with the Red Splotchy Cheeks?
The one with the Blue Eyes and Teeth!
He has Baby Eczema which appeared around 3 months.  He's now 28 months old and the Eczema comes and goes with the weather, sun exposure and we suspect some food allergies.  Every cream, lotion and ointment known to mankind has been tried....some help...some make it worse....and sometimes leaving it alone works best. 
Dr. Nana Sue has found a Digital Topical that wipes it out....on Photos!
The RETOUCH Tool.....

Steps to Retouch
1.  Open photo in Win7Gallery....Click on Edit Tab to open Edit Tool Bar.
2.  Use Zoom to enlarge photo and Hand Tool to reposition photo to area to be Retouched.
3.  Click on RETOUCH Tool.  A Crosshair Tool + will appear.  Move the + over the Blemish.
4.  Left Click-Hold and move mouse to form a white box over the Blemish...release Left Click-Hold.
5.  Wait a second and the Blemish will be replaced with a smooth skin color and texture that matches the area around the Blemish. 
6.  If the area is large, it should be worked in small sections repeating the white box until the Blemish area is blended into the skin color surrounding the now smoothed area.
7.  Repeat until all Blemishes are smoothed and removed. 
8.  Zoom Out ...back to photo's original size.  Your Retouches will stay during the Zoom Out.
9.  Click on  PROPERTIES icon and Select RESIZE.  From the PopUp Window Select from Smallest...Small...Medium...Large...Custom.  Then click on RESIZE and SAVE.  Your Retouched Photo is now saved in the same file as the original...you may Rename it and move it to another File.
10.  If you want to return the worked on photo back to it's original condition...click on the REVERT to Original button.  Be sure to SAVE your retouched photo BEFORE doing this. 
There Ya Go!
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  1. This is great, Sue! I haven't used Live Photo Gallery and may have to give it a spin. That little guys face is the cutest! Thanks for sharing him and teaching us how to edit your photos in Windows Live.


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