Texas Gals With Cameras

It's NeatONikon Country, Ya'll!!!!!

My SILinda...."Sue, I swear you take  pictures of the craziest things".
Me...."I do?"
My SILinda.... "Yes, you do!  Who takes pictures of Old Junkers and Cow Sh*# Poo?"
Me...."I do!"

Me..."Linda, now who's takin' pictures of Old Junkers?"
My SILinda...."You Talkin'da Me?"

Ya know, it's so much fun having my SisterInLaw as a PhotoShoot Partner.  She's a really talented photographer and truly does take the most beautiful photos of  the birds and wildlife at Wild Kingdom.

I'm here to tell you her photos of Texas' Stormy Nights are electrifying and award winning.  SILinda is a Student of Photography with her SIL Cannon and PhotoShop Editor.

I've learned alot from her and I guess maybe I've taught her a thing or two about shootin' Old Junkers and Cow Sh*# Poo.  Not that there's really anything special you need to know about takin' photos of Cow Poo, cept maybe....don't step in it!  Oh! and I guess I should mention that having a good ZoomZoomZoom is an excellent idea!

The kind of Zoom like I have on NeatONikon when I was hidin' in a CowPoo Pen, swatin' flies and tryin' to hold  her steady to snap this Cardinal drinkin' from the CowPoo Pen trough!   As you can see there's a bit of a problem focusin' on the Bird here!  I swear I had NeatONikons 15X Zoom maxed out and the Focus Box right on that Birdie!  What can I say....I'm just better at Shootin' Poo!

Seriously, doesn't this Cardinal look like he felt sorry for me and thought,  "Oh alright, lady, I'll stay here for a second longer and be real still so  NeatONikon can Zoom and Focus, and you won't have to go home with only CowPoo Shots to show for a whole day of hidin' in that nasty PooPen".
"Hurry up, will ya...It smells around here".

The Nikon Camera Gods were good to me at the end of the day!
My Camera is a Nikon COOLPIX L100.
I edit in Windows 7 Live Photo Gallery and Paint!
I knoooow...it's really rinky dink...but it works for me!
My SILinda..."Sue, how DO you do it?"
Me...."Oh, IDK, I just Point and Shoot!"

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  1. Did I tell you Happy Birthday! Well, then I am again if I did.

    So love the pics here. Hubby & I chuckled with the cardinal's backdrop. What fun you are both having.

    Have a beautiful weekend ~

  2. I gotta say, that cardinal does NOT look happy! LOL

    However, that sunset! Outta this world, or as they say down Texas way, YEEEE HAAAA!

  3. Well it must not be cold in Texas...I don't see any steam coming off that poo. :)~Ames

  4. What? You mean there are people who do NOT take photos of old junkers and cow manure?


    No way!

  5. I love your pictures - especially the sunset and the red male cardinal! Eye candy - soul food. sandie

  6. Hi Sue, I am laughing here. How well I remember cow poo when we lived on the dairy farm as a kid. My dad used it for fertilizer. Yuck, I love your photos so what ever you are doing keep doing it!!! The cardinal is so pretty. Perfect photos are not always the best photos. The cardinal along with the cow poo is quite unexpected. Unexpected it a good thing. HA! The sunset is awesome.

    Happy weekend and take some more photos for us to enjoy!!!
    Love you, Jeanne

  7. No picture is crazy! I love what you did!
    Glad I back in blogger world!
    Missed you all!

  8. I love your photo's and your stories. I love that red cardinal, maybe he thought you tripped in the poo.
    Have a nice day.

  9. Anonymous1/14/2012

    what a cute cute post Sue. Your fabulous personality just came "focusing" right through. (get it? focusing.... :) Love every single photo but especially smiled big time at the one through the tire. I did a photo shoot today too while on my walk. An old farm gate I found lying in the woods, Ben's stuffed toy he lost some time ago.....we found today.....looking so forlorn and a rusty hinge. LOL....So I understand taking photos of weird things. Love and Hugs, Lynn

  10. Great pictures! Your NeatONikon takes beautiful pictures but then I think it's the artist behind the lens. :)


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