Gluten Free Breakfast PizzaPie...More Amore'

Yep...I promise this is More Amore'...and you will LOVE how EZeeee and Quick it is to make. 
How could it not be the EZest and Quickest  Breakfast you ever put on the table?
I'll tell you why!
Ya know...the one from

Here's the Stuff
Gluten Free Pizza Dough Ball
4 eggs
Pam Spray
Mrs. Dash or other Salt Free Seasonings
Pepper and Onion Mix
~The Dough Ball....outta the fridge...into the microwave for 20-30 seconds (just enough to soften).
~Press in Pie Plate...fancy it up with a ruffled edge!
~Four eggs makes a Pie for Two!

Besides being a Sausage King...did you know Jimmy Ray Dean was a good ol Texas Boy and a Country Western Singer?

Big Bad John!  Does that ring a bell?
 It was one of his Greatest Hits!  
Jimmy Ray was born in Olton, Texas on August 10, 1928 and grew up singing in a Baptist Church.  View Jimmy Ray Dean Memorial on Find A Grave Website. Thanks Jimmy Ray for so many great songs and great sausage!

Now Back To Breakfast!!!

Pop your Pressed PizzaPie in a Preheated Oven....400 degrees...8-10 minutes.
Cook up some of Jimmy Ray's Sausage...I microwave a enough for two, drain and set aside.
Spray Pam on a microwave safe glass bowl.
Crack those eggs, add the pepper and onion mix and scramble and microwave for about 2 minutes.
Remove PizzaPie Shell from oven and carefully press the bottom down...it will be puffy out of the oven.
Stir the eggs....the mix will be a little runny...
we just wanted to cook them a bit so as not to have the mixture soak into the pie shell.
(I prefer not to have raw dough and raw eggs cooking together...besides it takes longer to bake)
Stir in the Sausage and pour in PizzaPie Shell.
Now for the Cheese....
OMy this is the PieceDaResistNot!
 If you haven't tried HEB's Queso Blanco con Jalapeno Easy Melt Cheese...You Gotta!
Slice off and layer on top!
Now you are ready to bake...400 degrees for 8 to 10 minutes...with the last little bit under the broiler
for a Bubbly-Crispy Top...watch carefully...it doesn't take long!
I slice up a tomato, pour myself a shot of Calcium Rich plus Vitamin D Orange Juice
fill a bowl with my favorite Salsa and see if  I can finish HiHoney's Crossword.
Mmmmm...46 Across...Casablanca co-star Peter!
I know this...I'm thinkin'...really HiHoney, I know this...don't tell me.
I mean it...
Eat your Breakfast...Peter Lorre!


  1. That looked delicious - yummy! sandie

  2. Oh my goodness...that looks so good. We don't get Jimmy Dean sausage up here, but I remember enjoying it when we lived south of the border.


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