I MADE IT...through another Birthday...Yay!

It seems like I spent most of my 64th year gearing up for being 65. 
Telling my age...I know we use to not even whisper that info in public...
much less shout it out to the WholeWideWeb.
You know though, now that I'm 65 years, 1 day, 5 hours and 30 minutes older and wiser,
I'm OKAY with telling my age. 
I mean afterall, I'm on every Senior Citizen Mailing List from
AARP to Dairy Queens Senior Discount Coupon List.
I know for sure I'm the proud owner of a Turquoise Paisley Print Vera Bradley Bag.
With lots of pockets..inside and out...a top zipper closure, two straps and a handle!
It's a Back Pack!
Thanks LilSis....you know me so well...Perfect Birthday Gift!

HiHoney knows me very well, too!
He knew I'd need ... The Help!
The folks at Amazon.com knew I'd need
The New Oxford American Dictionary.  It comes built in to the Kindle Touch.
Isn't that amazing. 
I mean, my 1965 Seventh New Collegiate Dictionary
...that was a Birthday Gift on my 18th BDay from my Mama and Daddy...
is 8x11x2 and weighs 5 pounds.
All that knowledge in a 5x7xl Magical Thingy that weighs less than l pound.
And It's PINK...well, the cover is...and IT FITS in my VERA BACK PACK!
Thanks HiHoney...you really do know me so well...Perfect BDay Gift! 

Another Amazing Thingy...Pink Saturday!!!

Hello, Beverly....just wanted to let you know that...
Pink Saturday January 21, 2012
Always Making Saturdays Pink!
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  1. Oooh, I love you already! :-) Just found your blog from Beverly's. I just posted the other day how we 40+ bloggers are in the minority. I'm proud of my age!

    I can tell already I'm going to love your blog. I dearly miss Texas and can't wait to go back (or perhaps live there again!).

    I have to know -- where did you get your Kindle cover? My NOOK would love one like that!

  2. Happy Birthday Sue!!!!.. And you look marvelous! Love all the fun gifts you got, and all the gorgeous PINK!! Best Wishes, and Many Happy Returns!! ((hugs)) ~tina

  3. Happy Birthday! You look wonderful in all that pink, calling Beverly!

    We are of the same age, but I don't tell it too often. I try not to think about it as it is just an ole number!!!

  4. Happy Pink Saturday and such wonderful birthday gifts!!

  5. Cool phone. I didn't they made a Kindle that small! I am a Vera Bradley fan as well. Have several of her purses just not a back pack which is what I usually use. You are dressed perfectly for Pink Saturday!~Ames

  6. You make it look Soooooo good! Happy Birthday, and may you keep on learning, wearing pink, researching, connecting and doing what makes your heart sing for decades to come!

  7. You did well for your birthday! Pretty in pink and well, aqua! THanks so much for stopping by. Happy Belated!

  8. Darlin' don't you know that sixty is the new forty? Not only do you still look like a babe, you still are :))
    the happiest of birthdays and Pink Saturdays to you and thank you so much for the shout out !!!

  9. Happy Birthday to you!
    Such AWESOME gifts!! You are very special!!
    You made me laugh with the dictionary! I got my first dictionary for my 10th birthday in 1980, and I still use it!! I remember, like you, getting my very own dictionary and loving it!
    Technology is crazy now!!

  10. The Vera Bradley bag is so pretty and love all those pockets, we sure need a lot of them for all of those fantastic gagets we have.

  11. Good morning Sue, A day late but life has been busy here with company for the past two weeks. Thank you for your very kind comment yesterday.

    65!!! I don't believe it! HAPPY BIRTHDAY Sue. It looks like you had a great celebration. Yum, Vera Bradley. I think your pink kindle rocks. I am reading 'The Help' right now and I saw the movie twice. Loved the movie and the book promises to be awesome.

    Your photo is so darn Texas cute. You are a true Pinkie.
    Love you much,Jeanne


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