HumpDay of The GetErDone Week

I get it...sorta!  Why Wednesday is called Hump Day!
But, I wanted to know more...so I Googled it!
This is what I found!


Moving On.....
These Banners are NEW Additions to CollectInTexas Gal...located right under the NEW Header

It's ALL part of CollectIn Texas Gals 2012 MAKEOVER!
The THREE BANNERS are LINKS to Bloggers Pages!
They usually look like this when Gadgetted under the Header....

Cooking-Baking and Serving    Focus on Photography   Back In The Day

NOW FOR ANOTHER NEW FEATURE...at least for CollectInTexas Gal!
With Jump Breaks you can show just a snippet of your post on your blog's index page.
Blogger will insert a "READ MORE" link to the full post page where you can keep reading.
< < < < < < < < < < read more....to the left...just click on it...there's more to this post!

I really think Bloggers Pages are a great addition, however, without changing my Template...which I don't plan on doing...there is no other options for 'Eye Catching' page labels!
Solution....Make your own Tab/Banner and Gadget them under your header or on your SideBar.
Like these Pages Ads on CollectInTexas Gal.
I've been Blogging since August 2009.  Blogger has gone through many CHANGES and UPGRADES...that's Technology....ever CHANGING!
Some of us say....
"If IT ain't BROKE...Don't FIX IT"!

Even in my NEWLY acquired 'Senior Citizen Status'...I'm willing to
'Try Anything...ONCE'!
And guess what?  I Like Bloggers New Updated Interface...Dashboard Design!
It took awhile to wrap my 'If It Ain't Broke' mentality around it, but...I Like It!
I haven't Gone Mobile yet...maybe later!

About Wednesday......

See Ya Tomorrow...Thursday January 19, 2012.
It's Dolly Parton and Robert E. Lee's Birthday
The Day Before...Mine!
Oh...one more thing...HiHoney just got Shipping Notification from
Amazon.com about my Birthday Gift!
will be here in time for my


  1. I've been blogging since 2006 and while I'm an old lady who is very tech savvy, I still like some of the old ways better. ;-) HOWEVER, I can adjust well to change. I find the new editor glitchy and difficult to blog with. I sent blogger an email and asked them to keep the old one and they did. For that, I'm extremely grateful. It's much easier for new bloggers to get used to. I like that they give us a choice using the old and the new updated version of blogger also. It's all about choices for me, sugar.

    Yep, I tried to find something on wikipedia this morning and got that message and I agree 100% about the kind of censorship they are trying to legislate. Give me freedom to choose what I want!!!


  2. Google is my home page. So when I saw that I thought what the heck? Then when I went to use Wikipedia the same thing happen. That's when I remembered hearing that Congress is wanting to charge tax on using the internet. WTH???

    My Mamaw Lena always said "Nothing in this world is free. You gotta pay taxes to be born and you gotta pay taxes when you die."~Ames

  3. It's a terrible law - I hope that it goes nowhere!

  4. Happy Birthday Week, sweet Sue. So, it's official now, huh?! And, I was betting you still got asked for ID when you went out for a night on the town.

    I have had my Kindle for several years, but I have a plain ole black cover. You are too fancy with your pink.♥


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