Sherwood...In Texas...Not Nottingham

Talk about 'Off The Beaten Path'
That's where you will find Sherwood, Texas and it's Historical Courthouse!
Here are Links to Sherwood, Texas and it's history....it's another interesting Texas Town.

HiHoney and I started off our 2012 'Off The Beaten Path PhotoShoots' with a return trip to Sherwood, Texas which is about 25 miles...give or take...from San Angelo.  Much to my surprise and PhotOp Delight, the Old Courthouse doors were OPEN!

In the gate we drove and up the stone steps I climbed to find a cowboy on a ladder welding a paint brush rather than a lariat.  After introductions...Texans always say their Howdys, tell their historic backgrounds, share their Texas connections and BS a bit before getting down to business...which was 'I sure would appreciate takin' some pictures of this great old building'. 

"You betcha", said Cowboy painter, who is in the process of restoring the still Rock Solid building to it's former glory for the citizens of Sherwood and surrounding area to use as a Community Center.  It's booked for upcoming weddings and other events starting in April 2012.  "We've got a ways to go, but we'll have it ready", said the Tin Ceiling Restore-rator.  "Make yourself at home and take all the pictures you like", he said.  So, Ya'll, let's head up the stairs to the second floor .
As I said earlier, it's still a 'Rock Solid' Building and a testament to
 'They don't MakeEm like this anymore'.

From my first post of 2012...'Imagine That',
you will recognize the Pews and interior shots of the Courthouse Chambers. 
 I imagine in the past, the Court Room served as a place of
 'Here Comes DaJudge' and a place of 'Here Comes DaJudgement Day!

I don't know for sure, but I suspect that 'DaJudge' was a fan of BINGO!

Since the Courthouse Clock never was meant to Chime,
I was not surprised to see this 
Alternate Chiming Device!
This magnificent Courthouse, built in 1901 is surmounted with a tower bearing a
False Clock
with it's hands set at the supposed time of
Abraham Lincoln's death.


  1. How nice it would be to visit that place. I love going to old towns off the beaten path. However, this is little too for me.

  2. Beautifully captured, Sue. Love doing visits like this, also. That wind chime looks like something we kids built as children.

    I hope that your Christmas & New Year were filled with blessings & delights.

    TTFN ~
    Have a beautiful weekend~

  3. What a terrific old courthouse! I'm happy to see that it is being restored. I like the new header and always enjoy the stories of your ancestors, Sue.

    Now I need to add Texas wind chimes to my project list!

  4. Awesome photo's and oportunity Sue! I love the old buildings. I must be a romantic at heart. I can stand in the middle of that Courthouse and just imagine the history those walls have seen. So glad the are restoring it. My small town tore down 2/3 of it's historical buildings before they caught on to the fact that restored buildings make charmed towns. That really saddens me. Show us more of your pics!!~Ames

  5. I had to come back and tell you I went to the links you provided and have been clicking on several links and found all kinds of neat places and info.~Ames

  6. Hi Sue! I love the tour. What a fun place this would be for a visit. Your photos are grand as always! Enjoy this weekend!


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