Jan 16-21...GetErDone Week

My head's a jumble of  Sixty's Golden Oldie's this morning. 
Like Monday Monday by the Mamas and Papas...Go ahead...listen with me while we
have our Couple of Cuppa's and I'll fill ya in on this week of Gettin'ErDone Days!

First off, besides it being Monday, it's a National Holiday...Martin Luther King, Jr. Birthday Observance Day. 
Are you off work for this holiday?  Are you're GrandKids out of school today?
{notice I said GrandKids....that's because if your diggin' the Mamas and Papas and thinkin' "I always loved that group"... then you're probably a SixtySomethin'Gal with Grands...like me}

I gotta say though for Sixty-Somethin' Gals we sure are WithIt!
Just look at my Desk....No Old School Sixty's Stuff here!
Except, maybe for the Calendar....I still gotta have my 'Hard Copy Calendar'!
My January 2012 Calendar, a gift from another Texas Gal who knows how
 Old School I am when it comes to knowing what Month it is.
I look forward to flippin' up the Texas Photo's every month. 
This month features the Rio Grande River at The Big Bend National Park.

Before I get to the Spotlight Day of this week, let's take a look at what's so special about tomorrow...Tuesday the 17th.  It's Benjamin Franklin's Birthday.  He was born in 1706 and if he were around today his cake would have to be Biggern' Dallas to hold 306 candles.

You can view his Find A Grave Memorial HERE.   Did you know that his mother's maiden name was Folger and that he had only one sibling...older brother James?   FIND A GRAVE is a FREE Website, a great Genealogist Research Site, and a place to set up and maintain your Ancestors Memorials through a Virtual Cemetery.

All my Pittman Ancestors are there...you can find their Names and FAGrave Links on my Genealogy Blog Tracks of My Texas Ancestors ... Rest In Peace page.

It's time to GetErDone!
That'd be the Big Ol' Calendar Star Date! 
The Big Ol' 'I'm now a MediCare Card Carryin'Senior Citizen' Day!
The Day that makes Me the Same Age as The Year I Graduated from High School...whaaaa!
The Big Ol' 65
The Day HiHoney promises I can get my Very Own KINDLE!
I got him one for his Birthday on December 31st....he said we could share!
Share...My Foot...he's had his nose stuck in it every waking minute
and sleeps with it under his pillow!
I'm ordering mine today so it will be here for my Big Ol' 65th Birthday!

My first Books to download will be The Help  and  How To Do Everything Genealogy


Ya'll Have A Great GetErDone Week!


  1. I think you'll like your kindle. Did you know you can load knitting books on it too?!
    Happy Birthday week! Here's to a great start to your week and a wonderful year.

  2. Well happy 65 girl! I will turn 62 this year so still have a few years till I can be a card carrying medcare person! Enjoy that Kindle!!! hugs, Linda

  3. Happy 65th birthday a little early - good for you to order your own Kindle. sandie

  4. fYou will love the Kindle. I got a Fire for Christmas from DH. I love it. I often find myself playing Angry Bird instead of reading. The Granddaughters have downloaded some things too.

    Enjoy your Kindle and I highly recommend the Help. The movie was great but there are parts of the story that didn't make it into the movie.

  5. Happy Birthday! I haven't quite got to that lucky number yet. But I'm on my way!

    Let me know how you like that Kindle. I know there are several versions out there. I haven't a clue which one would be right for me and I don't want to be left behind as a techno-challenged middle age woman!~Ames

  6. I love Find A Grave, but I like real cemeteries too...especially old ones.

    Happy 65th on the 20th. I just turned 66 on December 29th, so I'm already a card carrying member.

  7. One of the things I'm most proud of doing for my dad was finding his grandmother's and uncle's graves. They were from the east coast but both came west and died here. It was quite a moment when I took him to the cemetery in Vancouver and saw him recognise the names.

  8. Happy 65th Sue! You have more technology gadgets than many people half your age, which means that you are totally awesome! I hope you love your new Kindle.


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