Prom Dates and Dresses....Back In The Day

Nana, did they have Proms back in the Olden Days?

This question from my 13 year old GrandGal got me to remembering my First Prom, my Prom Dress, my Date, my First Champagne...I'll tell you about that later...and all the exciting stuff about one's First Prom Night!


OMG...outta the mouths of grandkids comes a 'Shot of Reality'.  Am I really getting there...you know...to that Medi-Card carryin', varicose veined, hairy upper lipped, Clariol blue haired....Old TexasGal?

For me January is kind of a 'Shocker Month'!  Yes, it's my Birthday Month.  Don't get me wrong, I'm soooo glad to be still having a birthday!  The alternative to not having one is counter productive to my often declared statement of "I plan to Live to Be a Hundred"!

I said that once to a lady who was 100 years old.  She promptly told me, "Oh Honey, I don't recommend it."  Why not, I asked.  "You can't hear a damn thing and you can't see to find your teeth!"

GrandGal's Prom question sent me to my Senior Scrapbook...that's 1965 High School Senior not the 2012 MediCard Senior...to show her my Prom Dress and my Date...she was shocked to see how much HiHoney didn't look like her Papa.  Sweetie, that's because he wasn't your Papa...we weren't dating Back on That Day! 

Now that's some Big Hair, Nana!  I see your Daddy wouldn't let you wear a Strapless Dress!  What's with those gloves?  She whips out her Iphone and says, "I'm posting this on Facebook...my Friends will crack up!"

She's reading the Prom announcement and says, "OMG, who does that?"  What?  "Decorates with crepe paper...what's crepe paper?"  About the band she says, "I've never heard of the SPARKLES...are they on UTube?"  I'm closing my 1965 Senior Scrapbook and saying, "Enough about my First Prom...show me your First Prom Dress."

Nana....Wow!  I see your Daddy let you wear a STRAPLESS dress! 
GGal...Yeah, and I got one of those Boosty Thingys...it's black!
Wanna see my shoes?  
Nana....You got two pair?
GGal....Yeah, I'm kinda nervous about the tall ones?
Nana....Why's that?
GGal.... My date is shorter than me!
Nana....Mmmmm, if it were me, I'd be more nervous about breakin' my neck! 
GGal....Nana, don't you just love Zebra print?
Nana....UhHuh, it'll look cute on you!  You know what your Papa said about your dress?
Papa....Where's the rest of it?

PS...Ya know...there's a few things I see that have changed about Proms and Prom Dresses...
#1.  Thirteen year olds didn't do Proms.
#2.  Strapless dresses had lots of Ruffled Net so a Boosty Thingy was not necessary....kleenex was.
#3.  Zebra stripes were seen only in National Geographic.
#4.  Matching Sneakers....wished I'd had a pair...HiTop Keds did not come in Red Crushed Velvet.
#5.  13 year olds can't buy Champagne...neither could 18 year olds, but that didn't stop us Back In The Day.  That'd be when a couple of swigs had me spewin' Cold Duck all over that white tux.  That was our First and Last date!

 #6.  Big Hair in Texas.
(some thangs never change)
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  1. Sue you look the same. Gorgeous!!! I think Proms were more elegant back in the day. ~Ames

  2. Anonymous1/15/2012

    Sue - your hair was so high! You and Tom look awesome. Wish I still had my long white gloves, that was the glamorous look!
    -Pam Over (Grissom)

  3. My prom dress was like yours but my daughter's was strapless and short like your granddaughter's dress. But no zebra stripes and no boosty thingy AND definitely not at 13yrs.
    I can't imagine trying to walk in heels that high, lol. I would fall. But then I've always been a little klutzy. Beautiful memories!

  4. Oh my this cracked me up! I need to pull out my old prom pics. I graduated in 1968, no strapless and yes tissues stuffed in my bra I was so flat! Well in the chest, we did have 'high' hair back in those days. So much fun to remember. You were gorgeous and still are! Hugs, Linda

  5. Oh Linda...I know...is that hair not a hoot! I wondered if anyone else had KleenexBra...LOL!

  6. My prom dress in 1965 was much the same shape as yours. Mine was aqua and had a lace overlay on the bodice. My mother ordered it from the Wards catalog. I thought it was the most beautiful dress I'd ever seen. I think it may still be in the original box in the attic. I should check it out.

  7. Well, you know I think you looked beautiful. My senior prom was in 1970 - so I am not far behind you.



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