Headers of Christmas 2009...

Christmas 2009 was my First Blogging Christmas, and in my typical 'OverDoSue' way of doing things, I 'OverDid' December's Headers.  Best I remember, I was pretty excited about decorating CollectInTexas Gal and drug out every Christmas Decoration I ever owned and then some.  Then I proceeded on a Christmas OverDoPhoto Shoot.

I started the month with the Santa, Angels and Stockings on the Mantel Header. 
The TREE and the rest of my Santa Collection were pictured in the post
Collectin Santa and Mrs. Clause.
We had a Texas Mother Nature surprise that December.  Had to have a Snow Header. 
 In Texas, it's just not right to not have a Feliz Navidad Header.

 Could not leave out the TREE and my Collection of Ornaments.
 The Snow Globe Collection had to be featured.
Collectin SnowGlobes and IceSkating in Texas.
 Everyone had to know about my special gift from Santa. 

Would not be a Texas Christmas without a Texas Merry Christmas Header.

And lastly, my Texas Christmas Card Header and posts. 
Told you it was an 'OverDoSue' Header Year.


  1. I love over do, what a treat to see!!!! I am a christmas nut too! If you can visit my blog, go to the sidebar and on the right is Christmas Pasts! The last year I took out EVERYTHING AS WELL!!!!

  2. Love then all but especially the snow header. You captured the joy I feel when it snows - head raised and snowflakes on eyelashes. Excellent header year - glad you hauled them out for us to see - I'm enjoying these "ghosts of Christmas past".



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