Making Use of 'Bloggers LABELS'

For 34 years this 'Christmas 1980' ornament has hung on our tree.  I imagine in 1980 as I hung it on the tree, I thought to myself, "Sue, you will remember Christmas 1980 forever with this ornament."  HA!

Over the last 34 years, the whole year of 1980 has faded...not quite into oblivion...but enough so, that I have to get out the calculator to figure how old my son was, and then pull out the photo album of the year he was 8.  Yes, he was 8 in 1980.  Time flies, huh?

Anyway, this year as I decorated the tree and hung the collected ornaments from Christmas' past, I knew that I needed to update my Christmas Memories record keeping.  In other words....get with the 21st Century, Sue.

It was a 'Blogger AhHa Moment'!

I have been 'Blogging' since August 2009.  Every year since then, starting at the end of November and through the month of December, I have posted photos and Christmas memories here on CollectInTexas Gal.  That is 5 years of Christmas' I want to keep forever, and thanks to Bloggers system of LABELS, I have. 
CHRISTMAS POSTS...Labeled 'Christmas'...2009-2014
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This 'Christmas' post makes #41 Blogger Christmas Memories.
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Ann Hinds said...

Dollies, I could stay on this page forever. But I digress, Great idea for labels. I label all my photos but am remiss on memories, Thanks for sharing this.

Beverly said...

Aren't you a Christmas cutie?!!!♥ I love this, Sue. And, I love my labels, too. Helps me find things so much easier.

You should come link this darling with us for Pink Saturday.♥

Joanne said...

excellent labels and such a nice memory post. Love the ornament, the picture of your son, and the love that shines through on Christmas reflection.

Wendy said...

Sometimes the easiest solution is staring us in the face and we totally miss it -- well, almost totally.

Thistle Cove Farm said...

labels, in almost all of life, are a really good thing. Merry Christmas!


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