Modella's Shoulder To Shoulder Marketing Strategy.

You remember Modella, right? She has appeared here on CollectInTexas Gal a number of times modeling jewelry, scarves, and other items I make.   In the last few months her shoulder has been invaluable to me.  I never realized how many 'Life Issues' one's shoulder shoulders.   For instance...and this is just with Modella's shoulder...she is shouldering the burden of marketing the Sling Purse/Bags'.

I have slung more than 30 bags on her sturdy shoulder and not once has she complained  while I shoot photos of her arm pit or poke pins in her shoulder, neck and boob.  I suspect she would appreciate an out of fashion 'shoulder pad' when it comes to being a substitute for a pin cushion.

In plain English...which with the word shoulder, is often not too plain...shoulder can be a noun or a verb, can be plural, has the presence of being a present or past participle, and has the ability to speak volumes without saying a word.

Just so we are on the same page, I should talk about the anatomy of the shoulder as I am well acquainted with the working of my 'Left Shoulder'...so is my chiropractor.  Your shoulders are between your neck and tops of your arms....unless one is dislocated...then it drops significantly from the top of your arm.  Not a problem for Modella.  She has no arms.

When you talk about someone's problems or responsibilities, you can say that they carry them on their shoulders.  In plain English that is a noun-plural, and I guess it would be the same as carrying TWO InThing Sling bags...one on each shoulder.  Now if you want a Verb Version  it would go something like this...when you shoulder something heavy, you put it across one of your shoulders so that you can carry it more easily.  Not a concern for Modella.  She models empty bags.

Here is where I am attempting to relieve some of the anguish and responsibility from Modella's shoulders for marketing the Sling Bag Collection.  Yes, I know I am shouldering my way into your blog reading time with this strategy in hopes of taking some of the Seasonal Shopping Stress off your shoulders.  Besides, 'Good Blogging Buddies', you stand head and shoulders above the rest of my target market, and have always been there when I needed a shoulder to cry on.

Are you sick of this 'Shoulder Sham' of a post? I will end it soon, I promise, so please bear with me for a bit longer.

  I am not good at the rejection of the wordless shoulder vocabulary...'Cold Shoulder' and 'Shoulder Shrug'.  I guess it's the 'Chip on my Shoulder' that makes me feel that way.

Okay...that was the last one.

Here are the links to view the 'Sling Bag Collection'.

On FACEBOOK....Collect In Texas Blog Shop

On ETSY...OverDoSue Eclections 

By the way...just in case I didn't make myself clear...You carry the Sling Bag on your Shoulder!


Joanne said...

she shoulders her burden well - excellent model and she makes your hard work look good.

Wendy said...

Poor Modella -- she's beginning to resemble that Ghostface from "Scream." I'd hate to shoulder that burden. (Love how you combined the yellow rose fabric and the Texas fabric!) Merry Christmas to you AND to Modella.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

I LOVE that first TEXAS sling purse! Great modeling job.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Sue .. Modella is doing you a lot of favours .. while the Texas Sling Purse is a great idea ... 'flavoured to taste' .. great idea .. cheers Hilary


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