Knocking On Your Blog Door

Here I am again this year peddling my wares in hopes that Saint Nicholas' gift givers will take to heart the 'Here's An Idea' idea.  That is the  idea of buying from local small business brick and mortar shops as well as those of us artisans and crafters with online shops.

 Peddling is an Old Time marketing strategy where the 'Peddler' travels from place to place and door to door to sale or hawk their goods.  That's what I did today without leaving my house.

 I did take a good many steps from my Home Studio to my Home Office rapping on Facebook doors Pages, stocking the shelves of my ETSY SHOP and now 'Hawking' here on CollectInTexas Gal.

Oh, I almost forgot about 'Pinning' on Pinterest.  I did that too...along with a kabillion others.
I think that's the idea...kabillions of doors to knock on without bruising your knuckles.
I have to say that setting up, stocking and hawking my wares this way is a lot easier than working the Chicken Farm Art Center First Saturday Booth. 

I've missed the last few events there.  I will probably get back to that venue when the weather is better..like in the spring, which by the way was the best time of the year for 16th Century peddlers...also known as cheapjacks, mongers, tinkers and gypsies.

As I read the history of Peddlers, I became a bit uneasy about knocking on your Blog Door.  It seems that in the modern economy a new breed of peddler, generally encouraged to dress respectably...do PJ's count?...to inspire confidence with the public, has been deemed an 'aggressive form of direct marketing by folks pushing their specific products.  Some communities require a 'Hawking Certificate'.  UhOh! 
So, here I am knocking on your Blog door, anyway, to let you know about my
now on the shelves of my ETSY Shop
HERE is the link
Thanks, Ya'll...I hope I wasn't too pushy!


Wendy said...

I love how you have combined fabrics. Beautiful! Happy selling --

Sue McPeak said...

Thanks Wendy! I still have plenty to play with, and I have to say, I am having fun playing in my fabric stash. Plus...this bag is quick and easy to make...especially after making so many.

Joanne said...

No, you peddle in style, Sue and your blog followers understand your hard work. Happy holiday sales


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