Straightening 'This'...Contemplating 'That'

I am a few days past my Mayday Malady.  I hope that means a recovery is in progress.  Stitching for a few days helped to settle my 'Antsy Angst'. 

Still I have wandered around the Studio straightening 'This' and contemplating working on 'That'...then putting 'That' back in the box or basket or drawer.  Just not in the mood for 'That'!

I really should be getting back to 'Tracks of My Georgia Ancestors'.  I am almost to my Great Great Grandfather Rene Marion and a batch of very interesting ancestors on his mother's side of the family. 

I hinted at what is to come in the AtoZ Challenge Letter Q's post...Traces of A Queens GenesAs far as I can tell with the research I've done, I may be the 17th Great Granddaughter of the Queen of Scotland.  How about 'That'?   You would think 'That' would be motivation enough to start reading, writing and doing the arithmetic, but it's not.

Instead, I'm digging in an old Drawing Portfolio and sorting through my Mixed Media Tackle Box.  Really...both have been literally in the 'Skeleton Closet' for years.  As you can see by the date on my signature...1987.

You are probably wondering what prompted me to go back to 1987 instead of Great Great Grandfather's time of 1887.

I have to blame it on my BLOG ROLL from the AtoZ Challenge.   Like I mentioned in the Mayday Mayday post..."They have inspired me to Read, Write, Bead, Travel, Draw Research, Publish and Think Outside The Blog Box!"   Here are three blogs that inspired me to get re-acquainted with my Derwent Colored Pencils, Kneaded Eraser, Seed Beads, and Bead Loom.

  • The Derwents are sharpened.  I have a new Sketchbook. 
    I need a new Kneaded Eraser....the 1987 one crumbled!
    The 'Antsy Angst' is abating, and I've only gotten so far as photographing this pencil drawing done twenty-seven years ago.  Just think how settled I am going to be when I get out the Bead Loom and start weaving 'This' pattern from 'That' drawing. 
    Now where did I put 'That' Loom?


    1. I always enjoy Brandon Ax's drawings, and his books are wonderful, too. I thought it was great that he included a sketch with each A to Z animal featured on his blog.

      I'll have to check out the other two blogs. Glad you're back in action!

    2. Very fun post and it made me think about This and That I should or could be doing. Right now yardwork is in the wheelhouse. But yesterday I did some arts and craft with kids at the MS Bike Charity Run. So I was a bit outside my box.

    3. Yes -- the "dark" side of A to Z -- all that inspiration.

    4. Always a wonderful time to visit here. You are one busy and talented lady!


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