Summer Gardening Brings Big Smiles

Yes, it is 'Garden Thyme' here at CollectInTexas Gal.  It has been THREE Summers since I have had a garden due to the drought here in Texas.  A recent BIG rain, several water saving barrels and conserving sink water, shower water and wash rinse water has allowed for this 2014 Summer Gardening. 

Due to water restrictions and poor top soil, our squash, peppers and okra are planted in raised beds.  The tomatoes are in big patio pots. 
Just like my Scarecrow...I have a 'Big Smile' on my face! 


  1. looking good. Indeed lack of water has been tough. I go for purple salvia and the Mexican heather out back. They seem to stand the heat, lack thirst, and the purple color pops.

  2. I'm on the way to TX in a couple weeks, moving my baby sis home for good. You have drought, that's awful hard on gardens. Three yrs. ago, we finished a 7 yr. drought. Our well went dry right down to no water pressure at all.
    Your garden is looking good. Hope you get all the rains you need this year.

  3. Glad you get to have your garden this summer, we are enjoying lots of blooms beginning here too.

  4. Yay! I'm glad stuff is growing up a storm in your neck of the woods, Sue!

  5. Your plants look pretty, and I like your ways of conserving water.

  6. And Nasworthy is FULL! Woohoo! I used to live on Nasworthy. So thankful for the rain you all received. Sure hope more is coming at more regular intervals. I'd love to see Twin Buttes full again.


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