Standing The Test of Time

I never should have started! 
Digging in the Art Skeleton Closet! 
Through the Twenty-five year old Portfolios.    
That is how long it has been since I was a serious painter/graphic artist/art teacher.
My how time flies when you Change Careers, move on to different
 Art Medias, Retire and Go Digital/HiTech. 
Once I started pulling out these art works from the past, I realized they have not been hung on the wall for ages, and they have not been recorded/saved for posterity.  Not that they are now or ever will be of any significant value to anyone, but you never know...my great great grandchildren might inherit my love of 'Family History and Heirlooms'.  So for their sake, I will create a new 'Collection' here on CollectInTexas Gal.  Behold...
Just so you know, in photographing these Art Works from the past, I am breaking all the rules of professionally photographing works of Art.  First, you should never photograph under glass, framed pieces with reflections glaring on the glass.  Secondly, the photo should be all about the Art piece...not where it's hanging or displayed.
Never mind all those rules, I love the reflection of the lace curtains.  I think the composition and colors of the framed watercolor, the vintage crochet and the stained glass dragon fly make a whole new piece of Art Photography.  Do you agree?  Maybe yes...maybe no! 
How about a Digital Remake?
I wonder which one will stand the 'Test of Time'.
Guess those Great Great Grandchildren will be the ones to decide.
For Posterity:  Shack In The Shade.  Mixed Media Watercolor, Napkin textured Gesso.  Technique learned in Dr. Emilo Cabellero Workshop 1980.  Sands Art Center, Monahans, Texas.


  1. Oh, I love that blue-so-blue!

  2. I agree -- outstanding. The colors are not just beautiful, but they have the same intensity which makes the composition all the more exciting.

  3. the colors pop. What is old is new again.

  4. I love the colors here! Soothing but filled with the excitement of sunshine at the same time.

  5. Very peaceful photos. Nice! Inspiring.
    Deb@ http://debioneille.blogspot.com

  6. Awesome, since I'm a huge fan of genealogy and the story behind things and family heirlooms...I love your idea. Forget the dang rules. Love what I'm seeing and so will your grands and beyond. Might I suggest your write a little something about when or where you composed your art and or why. What you liked about the subject matter etc, it will give future generations a glimpse of you as a person, not just a name and dates from the past.

    Continuing to a-z in May, road tripping speedy through stop signs!
    Sandy at Traveling Suitcase

  7. So lovely! I really enjoy coming by and seeing your artistic talents. Such beautiful rich colors. A treasure for sure!



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