Wordless Wed ~ Prisma Petunias Plus Poem

I'm Pansy P. Petunia, and I never take a shower.
There isn't any need...because I smell just like a flower.
My breath smells like forget-me-nots.  My burps smell like impatiens.
My armpits smell like daisies and my feet smell like carnations.
But what is most impressive, and should tickle many noses,
Is if I ever "cut the cheese" it makes me smell like roses.
But maybe I'm mistaken and could use a bath today, cause everyone who smells me
Holds their nose and runs away!
by Kenn Nesbitt...Poetry4Kids.com


Joanne said...

well the picture is way cool and the poem does not stink. A winning Wordless Wed

Wendy said...

That's my color palette, right there. And what a funny poem.


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