Coffee, Crumbs and Chat with EASY READER

Well, GouhMornin'. That is a greeting I receive several mornings a week from my lifetime friend, Beverly.
Beverly and I go way back, like I said...a lifetime...one of those folks that the slogan on my coffee cup certainly applies to...or is it too.  I don't usually worry too much about the right to-too-two when writing, but after meeting two writers/editors/readers on the AtoZ Challenge, I am re-thinking my Off the Cuff, Pantster Grammar, and SueWebstertionary writing skills.  I may even go so far as to 'EDIT' this post before I hit PUBLISH. 

Really, that is what an impact Easy Reader has had on me...and as you know, at this stage in my life/blogging/writing, I am pretty set in my ways.  I met EASY READER, Lynda during the AtoZ Challenge.  She is a professional reader/editor/writer whose AtoZ Theme focused on AtoZ's of Successful Writing and how to get Published. 

You can just imagine how she must have wished for a digital Red Pen when reading my AtoZ  Off the Cuff, Pantster Grammar, and SueWebstertionary posts.  At any rate, I am here this morning with my favorite mug filled with my SuConcoction Coffee to join Lynda and her SideKick SK for their weekly Coffee Chat....which today 'Reflects' on their AtoZ Challenge experiences.  This is as close as I'll probably get to a 'Reflection Post' for the 2014 Challenge.

So, without further 'AhDo' and too many more to's here are two of my favorite new
Blogging Friends from the AtoZ Challenge. 
I'll see you over there for Coffee and Muffin Crumbs!
PS....Thanks Lynda, for the mention as your 'Surprise Like' of the Challenge. 
I like surprises, too!


  1. Oh gee! Now I feel bad I even licked the crumbs off my shirt. But you know, I'll make more coffee and . . . I'm pretty sure Lynda has some extra chocolate in a sock somewhere. I'll go rummaging through her place. Don't tell her!

  2. congrats on being a surprise pick. I've already given my praises to your blog - a new fave. I checked out coffee chat too - fun ladies


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